Digital Asset Exchange IQDAX Unveils Revised Growth Strategy for 2021-22

SYDNEY, Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A leading digital asset exchange IQDAX has outlined new revised business plans for the year ahead, which include many ambitious goals to further solidify IQDAX’s reputation as a market leader in the field of digital assets trading.

The exchange helps both traders and investors by offering a multi-asset account for popular crypto currencies alongside Forex, commodities and stocks. Since launch in early 2021, IQDAX has enabled hundreds of traders to trade in different asset classes without the need for multiple accounts.

The company announced today that it has a lot to offer its clients in the coming months as part of their revised growth strategy through the ever-expanding list of innovations and services.

Some of the key developments include the launch of mobile trading apps to help encourage trading, while uniting all the major financial markets to the platform. Additionally, the company is launching a new support centre and learning centre in August 2021, and subsequently launching its Mini Futures platform (through November-December 2021).

In early 2022, users can also look forward to the launch of the DAXX Decentralized Digital Asset Exchange Platform, providing more ways to safely and effectively trade and invest.

The exchange has also become a part of investment holding FINECO Investments Australia, which was founded on 23rd July 2021. In addition to these bold moves, IQDAX is rapidly expanding to a global audience, with the holding issuing tokenized bonds IQBonds worth up to €50m throughout the next financial year.

"We are optimistic about these plans for 2021-22, and look forward to putting the wheels in motion for continuous growth," says Ella Brown, Managing Partner at IQDAX. "This benefits our clients at all levels, giving them more opportunities to trade and broadening the scope of the IQDAX platform. Our ambition and customer care has helped us rapidly develop a strong clientele of traders and prospective investors."

IQDAX has already seen a marked rise in demand for its exceptional trading opportunities. Despite being a comparatively new fixture of the online trading world, it focuses on both customer satisfaction and investment excellence, ensuring customers feel supported on their trading journey. With accountability at the heart of everything IQDAX does, this trusted worldwide market leader will continue to connect their users with global opportunities for investment.

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