“Ditch the Blog, Boost Your Sales: Innovative SEO Tips for E-Commerce Success” from Geek Certified’s Founder and SEO Educator Scott William Wilson

TORONTO, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking shift from conventional digital marketing strategies, Scott William Wilson of Geek Certified unveils a fresh perspective on SEO tactics that are set to redefine the e-commerce landscape.

At this very moment in time, people are searching online for the products you sell. If they find your webpage, you will have received that most wonderful thing of all. A new customer. More often than not, they find your rival because your SEO is not optimal. You have to get your SEO working!

Let me help.

“A big mistake I see”, says Wilson “are online ecommerce businesses sinking resources into blog pages about your product. STOP THIS NOW!”

In the dynamic world of online sales, marketers are often led down the path of content creation, with a heavy emphasis on crafting blog posts centered on their products. Scott William Wilson, an authority in SEO strategies, advises against this traditional approach. “When consumers are poised to buy, they’re not searching for blogs – they’re looking for products,” says Wilson. Google’s sophisticated algorithms prioritize functional shopping carts that utilize structured data, specifically schema markup, over narrative content.

Wilson recommends a pivot towards integrating essential schema elements on product pages. Price ranges, stock levels with quantities, and review schema with rich snippets and aggregate rating are critical for top Google rankings and, by extension, leads to connections with potential buyers.

The misstep extends to the use of generic manufacturer descriptions and stock photos, a common practice that dilutes a brand’s uniqueness. Wilson asserts, “This approach submerges your products in a sea of sameness, making it nearly impossible to stand out.”

Geek Certified proposes a strategic shift to personalization and authenticity. “Invest your resources in capturing high-quality images, creating engaging product videos, and collecting genuine customer testimonials,” Wilson urges. He suggests that businesses should not only gather written praise but also leverage the power of video testimonials to bring a product’s benefits to life.

Wilson champions the rewriting of product descriptions. “Enhance your product narratives with rich, keyword-dense text that accurately depicts your products,” he advises. This tactic is not just about appealing to search algorithms, but about crafting a story that resonates with customers, encouraging them to imagine the product as part of their lives.

In conclusion, Wilson’s message to e-commerce marketers is clear: Innovate or risk invisibility. By embracing these SEO tips, online retailers can significantly improve their visibility in search results, leading to higher rankings, increased traffic, and, ultimately, a boost in sales.

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