DNA Behavior Launches New Coach, Consultant, Trainer Products With Accessible Price Points

ATLANTA, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DNA Behavior International, which provides real behavioral insights for real results in real time, is releasing two new products targeting business coaches, consultants and trainers. The Business Consultant Starter package and the Consultant Plus Package are being launched via a free webinar, Wed., Sept. 16, and a 14-day free trial. While there is no cost for the webinar, registration is required.

“The prevailing model requires business coaches, consultants and trainers to pay per-use to leverage behavioral discoveries on behalf of their prospects and clients, and that cost can easily run $100 per person,” says Hugh Massie, Chairman & CEO of DNA Behavior. “So we created these packages so pros can offer key facets of our ‘Business DNA‘ to their entire books of business, for a monthly cost of what they normally might pay per client.”

DNA Behavior’s Business Consultant Starter Package is built for coaches, consultants and trainers who are getting started with a scientifically validated discovery process to help clients know themselves better. For the $99/month pricing, features include Business DNA’s Work Talents Report, Summary Report and Hiring Report, all of which quantify and help leverage innate behaviors clients may not have even been aware of.

“Solo and smaller consultant, coach and trainer practices have been asking for an offering with a predictable monthly spend that can pay for itself with just a handful of client engagements,” Massie says, “and that’s who we developed the Starter Package for; they can now leverage our behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person communicates, invests, works and lives.”

He says the Consultant Plus Package helps those same professionals grow their organizations by providing complete human capital development solutions: Hiring, team dynamics, leadership and client communication development. Consultant Plus includes all reports noted in the Starter Package, as well as 8 additional reports plus two new features – the robust Leadership 360 Discovery and four hours of VIP coaching through the DNA Coach Network – for $455/month, which is less than just the coaching (delivered by Massie, who literally wrote the book on applied behavioral insights) would normally cost.

“Leadership 360 enables coaches, consultants and trainers to create annual engagements with clients, as well as demonstrating year-over-year performance improvements,” Massie says, “while coaching from our C-suite gives them an edge as they build their business.”

To learn more about Business DNA for consultants, trainers and coaches, visit. Webinar registration and to learn more about the 14-day free trial.

Founded in 2001, DNA Behavior (www.dnabehavior.com) delivers practical, scalable behavioral science solutions to “know, engage and grow” every employee and client online in 123+ countries and 11 languages through 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes, including the world’s only all-in-one cloud-based #HRtech platform. LiveChat (https://secure.livechatinc.com/licence/2142091/open_chat.cgi) or email

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