DNA Behavior Launches Revolutionary Web App That Reveals Behavior and Money Insights

Global Atlanta company brings measurement and management of money habits to large and small companies via cloud-based DNA app

ATLANTA, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The new DNA Behavior App is now live (launched March 14) and features a cutting-edge Market Mood Dashboard. Through its new, cloud-based DNA App, Atlanta-based DNA Behavior brings further agility to the world’s only platform focused on discovering inherent behavior and money attitudes. The app uncovers a person’s hard-wired strengths, helping align them more ideally with the situations they encounter each day.

“With no training, the app reveals money insights for clients and employees of wealth managers, financial advisors and others,” says Hugh Massie, Founder & Executive Chairman of DNA Behavior. “The user-friendly dashboards display information in a simple, intuitive format, enabling users to gain valuable insights into their own and client behavioral tendencies and financial habits quickly.”

Massie says advisors can easily view clients’ moods towards the market, staying ahead of market trends, and making informed investment decisions – all from the convenience of a smartphone. Plus, users can customize the app with their own branding.

“Powered by the DNA API, the DNA Behavior Web App can also provide companies with direct access to the data they need, thanks to our new ISV (independent software vendor) partnership,” he says. “Overall, the app provides insights into the behavior and money habits of individuals, couples, co-workers, teams and entire companies.”

DNA Behavior says the Web App is a valuable tool for businesses in any industry, helping them make data-driven decisions to maximize efficiency and profitability. Users have an easy-to-use interface, side-by-side comparisons (how will Person 1 and Person 2 respond differently?), customized branding and full-screen presenter mode.

“Whether you want to optimize team performance, better understand your clients or enhance relationships in general, this platform helps take quantum leaps toward meeting your improvement goals,” Massie says. “This is not just another personality or risk profile; imagine being able to know immediately how to relate to anyone. There are countless ways to use this data, especially given the agility of the new app.”

See the DNA Launch video – fast-paced and segmented by area – or “Tour the App” for a quick video tour. DNA Behavior is a leading provider of behavioral intelligence solutions, helping companies make data-driven decisions with, for and about their employees and customers. With more than two decades of experience, our team of experts provides innovative solutions that drive business success.

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