Doubling MAU and Tripling MAC: Notix Reports Extended Growth in 2022

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Notix, the advanced push notification service focused on user engagement and retention, doubled the number of its monthly active users (MAU), tripled monthly active customers (MAC), and reached 180 MLN active subscribers by the end of 2022.

Notix’s Success in Detail

The 3 times MAC growth and 2 times MAU growth is explained by the fact that Notix continued keeping the global focus, expanding to new markets and onboarding business developers in areas like India, APAC, Europe, and LATAM.

Advanced push technology has always been a competitive advantage of Notix, namely – 30% higher delivery rate than most similar services could provide. Since the company continued keeping the high standards, efforts resulted in MAC growth, plus – 1,5 times more long-term paid contracts with partners compared to 2021.

What is Notix?

Established in 2020, Notix is an advanced push provider that focuses on efficient user engagement and retention, and provides monetization as an extra feature.

Notix has highly-performing and lightweight tags to collect push subscribers successfully from the very start of any funnel, plus – numerous features to boost push campaign performance, customize messages, analyze results, monetize subscribers, etc.

Notix’s Top Features

One of the platform’s main features is cross-channel marketing communication. Notix allows creating campaigns for web and mobile (including in-app), expanding scaling opportunities. This way, different channels and deep targeting may increase chances to reach wider audiences and preserve users in the base.

Furthermore, marketers can also segment audiences based on user behavior data, which significantly improves ad relevance and therefore – increases chances to get more interested and specific visitors/leads.

Another exclusive Notix service is parallel testing, which gives users the ability to compare the quality of its service to their current provider and make a well-thought choice.

An Innovative Product with a Skilled Team Behind It

“Even before the year began, we had pretty high expectations of 2022, for ourselves and the impact we wanted to have on the industry. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that the hard work of the Notix team, fruitful cooperation with our dedicated partners, and the quality of our product have allowed us to surpass our own projections,” said Karina Arkhangelskaya, Head of Notix.

Notix works on product development constantly, including brand new features, especially the further advancement of in-app functions. To find out more, visit Notix.

Media Contact:
Alina Fatchikhina