Dye Your Eyebrows Naturally with Henna at Paradise Salon, Spa, and Wellness Center

CARSON CITY, Nev., March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Paradise added Henna brows this week to its list of services. It provides a great way to fill in a person’s eyebrows and color the hair on a semi-permanent basis, eliminating the need to apply a brow pencil or powder on a daily basis.

Julie Shencavitz, the permanent makeup specialist at Paradise says “Waking up to fill in your brows every morning gets old for a lot of people. However, the commitment to permanent makeup can be hard.  Henna can be the right solution for many of my clients. It provides a similar look to ‘ombre’ brows, which is a tattooing technique that fills in the gaps behind your natural hair but doesn’t have the commitment. The skin holds the dye up to two weeks and the color on the hair can last up to six weeks. If a person decides they really like the look they can commit to the tattoo, or if they decide they no longer like the look, they can let it fade and go back to what they were doing.”

Many of Paradise’s clients are older and struggle to apply brow color daily, especially after they’ve done a water exercise class, and Julie expects them to find henna tattoos a great solution. Those clients with dry skin will need to get them done a little less frequently than those with oily skin, but when combined with a regular waxing service it’s only a little more trouble and very doable for most people.

Henna is made from the leaves of a tropical shrub, native to northern Africa, India, and Australia. The leaves are ground into a powder, and that powder is mixed with water to create the beautiful dye. People have been using it for over 9000 years to dye their skin and hair. While, henna is usually reddish orange, it has been formulated into other natural tones that can match a person’s natural coloration.  Julie has 9 colors to choose from.

The service takes less than 30 minutes, costs $40.00, and is available by appointment only Monday through Friday.

Founded in 2014, Paradise is a full-service Salon, Spa and Wellness center, providing services and products to help maintain a sense of wellness for their clients. Hair, Skin, Nails, Massage, Beauty Products, Body Piercing and jewelry, Permanent Make-up, Lash Extensions, and Water exercise classes are all available in their 7266 sq ft facility to provide a one-stop shop for personal wellness.

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