Echo360 Launches New ESG-focused EchoEcoTM Sustainability Initiative

EchoEco is Echo360’s latest initiative demonstrating the company’s commitment to the principles of equity, evidence and engagement within and beyond the learning communities it serves.

NEW YORK, April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Echo360, one of the leading and most comprehensive, global, SaaS video platforms for creating, delivering, and measuring learning engagement outcomes in any learning environment, has launched EchoEco as an expanded commitment to its global sustainability initiatives. 

EchoEco’s multi-faceted approach includes

  • Featuring the work of Echo360’s climate minded and climate justice customers, amplifying their stories and impact.
  • Communicating Echo360’s public climate commitments and visualizing the company’s sustainability metrics.
  • Engaging undergraduates to co-develop the EchoEco Research Awards program.

“Echo360 is deeply committed to principles of equity, evidence and engagement, and EchoEco is another demonstration of that commitment,” said Murad Velani, Echo360 President and CEO. “Echo360 employees around the world are engaged not only on the many issues encompassed within the globally recognized Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework, but also thinking beyond the framework and imagining how solutions from across disciplines can be applied. EchoEco showcases the sustainable best practices Echo360 customers are using around the world that can be applied to the sector-wide challenges ed tech faces to becoming more sustainable.”

Launched April 22, 2024 (Earth Day), EchoEco deepens Echo360’s commitment to the global public’s heightened receptivity to environmental issues on Earth Day to amplify awareness about the company’s climate commitments, sustainability reporting, UN Global Compact engagement, and SDG benchmarking.

“Green Project Technologies applauds Echo360’s commitment to accountability and transparency in their emissions reporting with us, and their efforts to make that work public with the launch of EchoEco,” said Ozette Ostrow, Green Project Technologies Sustainability Manager. “We are excited to continue to work with Echo360 on their carbon emissions and utility reporting, as the insights we’re collecting only continue to improve with more data.”

About Echo360

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