Ellevator Launches First-of-its-Kind Private Membership Organization for Women of Color to Elevate Networks, Careers of Emerging Executives and Entrepreneurs

The organization offers a web and app-based platform as well as in-person events to advance the careers of women of color in the face of systemic inequities 

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ellevator, a private membership organization dedicated to uplifting the skills and networks of women of color, proudly announced its official launch today. The organization welcomes emerging leaders and founders to join its community and take their careers to the next level. Ellevator is the first and only organization providing curated educational content for Black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous, and Middle Eastern women.

Women of color are severely underrepresented in corporate America. Only one in 20 C-suite leaders is a woman of color, and founders receive less than 1% of all venture capital funding. Ellevator’s mission is to change that by building a powerful network of peers across roles, functions, and industries. Ellevator’s members will have the opportunity to access exclusive job opportunities and engage in quarterly events that provide direct access to women of color in C-suite positions and accomplished founders, enabling valuable insights and building lasting connections.

Ellevator is rooted in the experiences and passions of its founders, CEO Ayesha J. Whyte and Advisor Lauren Maillian. Ayesha brings a wealth of experience as an attorney, business strategist, and Chief People Officer. She has worked for powerhouse organizations such as The Walt Disney Company, WeWork, and Amtrak. Lauren Maillian, a serial entrepreneur and investor, has played a pivotal role in over 40 startups, contributing to a portfolio representing over $5 billion in market capitalization. Together, Whyte and Maillian are driven by their shared vision to prioritize the unique needs of women of color emerging in executive roles and founding startups.

Ellevator’s web portal and app platform offer a multitude of resources, including access to live and on-demand courses presented by subject matter experts. Course offerings include topics such as Executive Presence, Artificial Intelligence, Corporate Finance, Project Management, and Compensation Negotiation. The organization is committed to creating a supportive community, offering on-demand course content, interactive discussions, and events designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and competencies.

Ayesha J. Whyte, Founder & CEO of Ellevator, expressed her excitement about the organization’s launch, stating, “Ellevator is an organization built for women of color by women of color. We wanted to create a space where women of color can ascend to the highest levels of their careers. There are no other membership organizations providing that vital service. Ellevator acknowledges the systemic barriers that women of color face and provides emerging executives and founders with the tools needed to succeed.”

Lauren Maillian, Advisor to Ellevator, added, “Ellevator was born from the experiences and passion of both myself and Ayesha – we have succeeded at the highest levels, and we want to ensure that other women of color do too. This community will give members a true support network and a curated knowledge base to jumpstart their careers.”

Ellevator invites women of color to join them in building a network of talented emerging executives and founders with the shared goal of professional success at the highest levels. Applications are now open. For more information, please visit https://ellevator.co/.


Ellevator is a private membership organization focused on elevating the skills and network of women of color, specifically emerging executives and founders. The only organization providing curated educational content for Black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous, and Middle Eastern women. Ellevator provides a supportive community to advance women towards reaching their career and entrepreneurial goals through courses and conversation, exclusive in-person events, and Ellevator’s web and app platforms.

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