Emtrain Announces Collaboration with Workplace Equity Pioneer Joan C. Williams and the Center for WorkLife Law to Launch Series of Online Lessons to Help Eliminate Bias

New eLearning microlessons and downloadable toolkits are based on Williams’ “Bias Interrupters”

SAN FRANCISCO, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Emtrain, an eLearning and analytics technology company that develops and measures respect and inclusion in the workplace, today announced a collaboration with Distinguished Professor of Law Joan Williams and the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California-San Francisco, a pioneer in workplace equity. Launching today are a series of online lessons to help organizations eliminate workplace bias. The microlessons and downloadable toolkits, are based on Joan Williams’ Bias Interrupters, which have been proven to drive change in the workplace. 

“It’s an honor and privilege to collaborate with Joan Williams and her team at WorkLife Law. Joan is a trailblazer in her work on identifying core biases impacting women and people of color, and building practical tools to combat it. Her TED Talk has over a million views, and through Emtrain technology, we’re able to scale her teachings and bring them directly to millions of employees who need them,” said Emtrain Founder and CEO Janine Yancey.

This is the first-ever collaboration of this kind for Williams and the Center for WorkLife Law, though the organizations have partnered in the past on research projects such as the whitepaper on “A Data-Driven Approach to Winning the War for Talent During the Great Resignation,” released last spring.

“Emtrain’s eLearning platform is of such high quality this partnership is an ideal way for WorkLife Law to begin scaling the impact of Bias Interrupters,” said Williams. “I’m delighted to be partnering with a team that’s truly advancing healthy workplace cultures.”

The Emtrain Bias Interrupters microlessons each focus on one of the five common patterns of bias that Joan Williams’ work showcases: 

  1. Prove It Again: Groups stereotyped as less competent often have to prove themselves over and over again.
  2. Tightrope: A narrow range of acceptable workplace behaviors is expected from women and people of color.
  3. The Maternal Wall: Bias against mothers is the strongest form of gender bias.
  4. Tug of War: Sometimes bias against the group fuels conflict within the group.
  5. Racial Stereotypes: People of color encounter specific stereotypes based on their racial identity.

The online microlessons use Emtrain’s renowned workplace videos to role model how employees can interrupt and stop bias in the flow of work. At the same time, the lessons solicit employee sentiment data about the type and amount of bias present in their workplace systems so HR, D&I, and employee relations teams know where to focus their time to eliminate bias throughout an organization.

To learn more about Bias Interrupters microlessons and Emtrain’s broader suite of eLearning and Analytics, visit our website or contact

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Emtrain provides eLearning and analytics that measure the impact of social dynamics in the workplace. Emtrain’s solutions go beyond compliance to develop inclusion, ethics and respect as professional competencies via video-based training to build skills. Emtrain partners with industry experts and uses current events to develop video-based training content on topics such as sexual harassment, unconscious bias, respect and ethics. In addition, using patent-pending analytics, the company allows companies to benchmark their corporate culture against the global community to identify issues before they become toxic problems that can become compliance issues and destroy workplace culture. Emtrain’s platform is used by more than 600 companies including Chevron, Degreed, Glassdoor, Genentech, Whirlpool and more. Recognized by Fast Company on the “World Changing Ideas for AI and Data” in 2020, and named one of the fastest growing companies on the “Inc. 5000 2021” list Emtrain is a VC-backed, woman-owned and women-led company. Learn more at https://www.emtrain.com

About the Center for WorkLife Law
The Center for WorkLife Law is an advocacy and research organization at UC Law San Francisco that seeks to advance racial, gender, and class equity. WorkLife Law addresses inequality at a structural level by developing and implementing concrete, evidence-based interventions in schools and workplaces and changing public policy at the state and national levels. We are extremely strategic in how we approach each structural intervention, forging partnerships with grassroots groups and field experts to identify the best change levers to tackle the problem at hand. With our interventions, we aim to produce dramatic changes within a two-to-five-year timeframe. Our main areas of impact are economic security, maternal & child health, education equity, and racial and gender justice in the workplace. Learn more at https://worklifelaw.org

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