Engagedly Introduces Powerful Updates to Learning and Development for the #FutureOfWork

Clients can drive learning in the future of work with Streamlined Automation, Tailored Learning Paths, and Access to Hundreds of Thousands of eLearning Courses

ST. LOUIS, April 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Engagedly, the leading AI powered cloud-based software for Performance, Learning & Developemnet and Employee Engagement solutions, is excited to announce the launch of new updates to their Learning Management solution. These new features will help organizations provide a more automated, streamlined and engaging approach to learning and development for their employees.

The updates include:
Learning Automation – enabling customers to automate courses as well as their employee’s learning paths.
Learning Path – allowing organizations to create comprehensive journeys through different courses for their employees.
Integrations with Bizlibrary, GoodHabitz, Open Sesame and Go1 – giving customers access to hundreds of thousands of engaging eLearning courses from leading providers.

These updates have been designed to accelerate time-to-competency with easier identification and delivery of content, reduction in required resources and improved accuracy in administering training across multiple users or groups. This enhanced capability empowers organizations to quickly upskill their workforce while providing individualized progression paths that are tailored specifically to each learner’s needs.

“At Engagedly, we understand the importance of providing a comprehensive learning platform that is both user friendly and effective in helping employees reach desired competencies,” says Sri Chellappa, Co-founder & CEO at Engagedly. “The introduction of these product updates will boost productivity while reducing manual effort needed for course creation, putting more focus on actual learning versus administrative tasks.”

Engagedly’s new Learning Management Product updates are designed to bring greater value to customers. The automation feature will allow for more efficient and accurate course delivery, leading to improved employee competency and mastery in their roles. The learning path feature provides organizations with the ability to tailor training paths to individual employees, while still meeting the needs of all users. Additionally, the integrations with Bizlibrary, GoodHabitz, Open Sesame and Go1 give customers access to a wealth of diverse resources so they can find the best content for their employees.

These updates provide Engagedly clients with more powerful tools than ever before for creating an effective learning environment that is tailored to each user’s specific needs – increasing effectiveness and reducing training time required to reach desired competencies.

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