Entrepreneur Eric Porat Shares the Truth About Building an Online Business

NEW YORK, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Eric Porat, a New York-based online entrepreneur and the founder of One Acquire Media takes time to discuss the value of determination and drive when it comes to building a successful online business. Since the early 2000’s Porat has shown a knack for building and scaling online businesses, as a website investor and the co-founder of three companies.

In a recent article featured on CaliforniaHerald.com, Porat talked about his journey over two decades, to evolve as a leader in the online business and adtech startup space. Now he tries to inspire and help other online entrepreneurs in their journey towards success. He also warns against get rich fast schemes.

“This is the truth that none of the “gurus” trying to sell their courses will tell you. The reality is that the internet has gotten hyper-competitive over the last two decades, and you can’t possibly compete if you haven’t mastered at least one skill. It can be Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, PPC, Email), development (front-end, backend, AI, ML, data science), analytics – anything that will give you an edge over your future competition,” Porat explained. “I am a big supporter of learning by doing, and that’s why I think that the best way to start is to create your own website.

The global digital advertising industry is just one segment of the online world that continues to grow and thrive. According to Forrester Research, globally, “Online consumers already dedicate 52 percent of their media hours to digital channels.” This is a trend which we expect to grow exponentially, as estimates project the overall digital marketing industry—including advertising—will reach $306 billion by 2020.

Porat had a jump start on that trend, when he acquired and founded a number of businesses including GeoIQ, Vayg Holdings, and One Acquire Media.

Porat’s first success came in January 2016, when acquired GeoIQ, a web-based analytical platform that offers real-time analysis for advertisers to help them track and optimize their media buying campaigns.

Three years later, in 2019, he founded Vayg Holdings, LLC, of Brooklyn, New York. The company’s first product was Vayg Media, a sub-domain leasing brand.

The business model was centered on leasing subdomains from authoritative websites in order to analyze their traffic, provide valuable insights into their users’ engagement, and share opportunities to increase conversion rates.

In that same year he founded One Acquire media, an advertising network that sells two types of traffic; RON (non-targeted traffic) and keyword/URL specific traffic:

About One Acquire Media

One Acquire Media is an advertising network that sells targeted and non-targeted traffic with a flexible billing system. The company was created as a solution to advertisers’ biggest pain points — getting their products in front of interested customers.

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