eRank Survey Establishes What Excites People to Shop on Etsy

eRank’s 2023 Etsy Buying Habits Survey Unveils Insights to Boost Sales Ahead of the Holiday Season

CLEVELAND, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — eRank, the leading Etsy SEO tool, has released its highly anticipated 2023 Etsy Buying Habits Survey, shedding light on the shopping behaviors of Etsy customers in the United States. The annual survey encompasses responses from approximately 1,000 respondents spanning diverse age groups (18 to 80) and regions across the US.

The survey results provide invaluable insights for Etsy sellers seeking to attract and retain shoppers as they prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Key findings from the survey include:

  1. Quality of Shop Listings Matter: Respondents emphasized the significance of listing photos and the majority regarded product descriptions as “very important” when considering a purchase from an Etsy shop.
  2. Communication is Important: Effective communication is highly appreciated by shoppers at various stages of the purchase process and can significantly enhance the shopping experience.
  3. Reviews are Considered: Over 90% of respondents expressed the importance of product reviews in influencing their purchasing decisions.
  4. Average Star Rating is Noticed: Shoppers notice a shop’s average star rating, with the majority indicating they are “not likely” to purchase from shops with one- or two-star ratings. Shops with three stars or higher are more likely to attract buyers.
  5. Processing Times are Key: Slightly more than half of respondents consider the processing time for an item when deciding to make a purchase but are generally willing to wait longer for unique and custom items.
  6. Free Shipping is Still Preferred: Free shipping remains a top preference for most Etsy shoppers and is also a key factor in encouraging repeat business.
  7. No-Hassle Returns Increase in Importance: Despite many items being custom-made, over three-fourths of respondents rated a no-hassle return policy as important.
  8. Shoppers Want to Know the Sellers: A shop’s “About Us” section significantly enhances trustworthiness.
  9. US Shoppers Will Purchase from Non-US Shops: The majority of respondents indicated that they would purchase from an Etsy shop based in another country. However, concerns about shipping costs and delivery times remain, suggesting sellers should address these issues to attract international customers.
  10. Etsy is a Great Site for Gift Purchases: An overwhelming percentage of respondents—almost 90%— believe Etsy is an excellent platform for purchasing gifts. Shoppers have confidence in Etsy and reported minimal or no issues when shopping on the platform.

These key findings highlight that Etsy remains a trusted marketplace with no significant shifts in buying habits compared to previous years. Etsy sellers are encouraged to prioritize high-quality product listings, effective communication, and excellent customer service to attract new customers, encourage repeat business, and boost sales during the holiday season and beyond.

“Overall, success on Etsy means understanding what is most important to your shoppers and adjusting your brand based on their needs,” shares Starla Moore, online Etsy coach and manager at eRank. “By polling real Etsy shoppers, eRank is able to provide valuable insight towards that understanding.”

The 2023 Etsy Buying Habits Survey is a valuable resource for Etsy sellers looking to optimize their shops for success and can be viewed in full on eRank’s site at

For Etsy sellers specifically, eRank included a list of “Recommended Actions” based upon the key findings to guide sellers in tailoring their shops to provide consumers with the shopping experience they desire and provide sellers with a foundation towards experiencing Etsy success.

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