Ethics and Practical Applications of AI Agents in US Business Today: Digital Worker Forum

The International Digital Worker Association’s Digital Worker Forum to take place on November 8, 2023 at Plug and Play Tech Center, Bay Area, Sunnyvale, CA

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — It’s time for a serious discussion on AI Agents for businesses and the ethics and future of Digital Workforce:

What is an AI agent and how can organizations use it today? Where does a company start in the creation of a Digital Worker? What are the benefits, downsides, and ethical questions around this topic? Will AI agents replace some professions or become an enhancement for the existing workforce?

The International Digital Worker Association (IDWA) is thrilled to unveil the Digital Worker Forum, where experts from Microsoft, Google, IBM, NVIDIA, Meta, AutomationAnywhere, UiPath, and other tech giants will answer these and many more questions on November 8, 2023.

US businesses are at the forefront of AI adoption, leveraging its potential to improve customer service, cut costs, and enhance business processes. However, as AI’s role in decision-making grows, addressing ethical concerns and ensuring responsible use will be crucial for long-term success and societal benefit.

Michael Engel, the president of IDWA, barely contains his excitement: “We’re pioneering the digital workforce revolution. It’s time for a serious chat about AI agents and their role in our world. With AI tech evolving at warp speed, we’ve got to ensure it aligns with ethics and practicality.”

Kuzma Frost, the producer behind this event, adds, “A lot of people outside of the tech community are concerned about the impact of AI on their lives and businesses, we are proud to start a healthy conversation between tech giants, prominent startups, decision makers from small and large businesses, Investors and Academia.”

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About the organizers:

IDWA – The International Digital Worker Association is a non-profit organization that aims to create a space for collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the buyer community and service and product providers, in the digital work, automation, and AI agent world. We’re all about ethical AI in business, and we’re here to shape the future of work!

Kuzma Frost is a Bay Area-based event producer with over 500 events under the belt including Droidcon, the famous Microsoft and DVC AI Tea Party during SF Tech Week, WCEF and others.

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SOURCE International Digital Worker Association