Extendly Strengthens Its Portfolio with the Acquisition of heyLevi, an AI-Powered Sales Enablement Solution for HighLevel Users

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Extendly, a leading provider of white label support services for marketing agencies and SaaSprenuers, is excited to announce the acquisition of heyLevi, an AI-based core positioning and sales enablement tool for HighLevel users that requires zero prompting. 

Extendly’s mission is to empower HighLevelers on the platform by providing turnkey services that include 24/7 Branded WhiteLabel Support and the innovative SaaS Agency In A Box System. With these comprehensive solutions, Extendly significantly enhances the potential for success among entrepreneurs, allowing them to unleash their full capabilities and shortcut their time to launch with confidence to merely just a few days from several months.

Stop prompting, start selling“- heyLevi is the first sales enablement app on the market that uses AI to help you launch and scale a business, write effective marketing content, and have better sales conversations with zero prompting required. Which can be fully white labeled.

heyLevi’s platform offers solutions to generate compelling sales copy by leveraging proven frameworks used by experts in the marketing field for:

  1. Core Sales Positioning
  2. Sales Page Headlines & Copy
  3. Lead Magnets
  4. Email Nurture Sequences
  5. Website Content
  6. Blogs
  7. Ad Copy
  8. Facebook/Instagram Posts
  9. Twitter Posts
  10. YouTube Video Scripts
  11. TikTok Video Outlines

“heyLevi seamlessly integrates with your HighLevel agency, simplifying your core content requirements and eliminating the need for manual interactions with ChatGPT, prompt libraries, and endless iterations,” stated Ruheene Jaura, CEO of heyLevi. “And the best part is that agency owners can whitelabel this app and brand it to their agency, giving them the ability to resell with full granular-level feature controls.”

Beant Singh, CEO of Extendly, shared his thoughts, saying, “We’ve evaluated numerous AI platforms on the market to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. While many solutions serve as mere interfaces to ChatGPT, lacking significant value, heyLevi truly stood out for us. Its robust technology simplifies the complexities, allowing agencies to focus on effective promotion and optimal selling, rather than wasting time on unnecessary intricacies.”

About Extendly:
Extendly is a leading provider of white label support services for marketing agencies and SaaSprenuers. With a mission to level the playing field for HighLevel users, Extendly equips entrepreneurs with comprehensive solutions and support, including 24/7 Branded WhiteLabel Support and the innovative SaaS Agency In A Box System. By empowering ambitious individuals, Extendly aims to increase their chances of success and enable them to realize their potential.

To learn more about Extendly and its range of services, please visit getextendly.com.

About heyLevi

heyLevi is an AI sales enablement tool for HighLevel that requires zero prompting. The platform tools includes a sales positioning module, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) based backend prompts, customer usage dashboards, and fully customizable feature tiers that also allows for frictionless reselling.

For more information about heyLevi, please visit heylevi.ai

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