Factorial Empowers Businesses with Launch of Factorial AI and AWS Marketplace Presence

MIAMI, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Factorial, a leading provider of HR software solutions, is excited to announce key advancements including the release of Factorial AI and its presence on AWS Marketplace. These developments further allow Factorial to empower businesses to streamline operations, enhance employee experience, and drive growth.

Factorial prioritizes the development of its tools and capabilities to enhance businesses. Factorial has experienced an increased worldwide client base of 10.4% and an employee growth of 45.8% since the beginning of 2023. As a leading HR solutions provider, the following advancements are testament to Factorial’s exceptional value proposition and market position.

Factorial AI Launch

Factorial AI enables businesses to optimize and supercharge every area of their HR processes. By removing the burden of tedious manual tasks and streamlining daily operations, HR professionals and business owners free up valuable time and resources to focus on getting the best out of their employees.

Incorporating AI into Factorial’s solutions unleashes dual power that further provides workplaces with advanced and superior tools. This technological leap showcases the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Intuitive AI Talent Recruitment:

As part of its AI debut, Factorial introduces intuitive AI talent recruitment that optimizes time by screening resumes and filtering candidates before the first interview – speeding up recruitment processes by 35% and cutting hiring time by 30%. With an optimized talent pool, recruiters and talent acquisition professionals prioritize top talent, save costs, and further grow their culture in the right direction.

Over the past six months, Factorial has experienced a 300% employee growth within its US team. Factorial incorporates its own AI tools to accelerate the recruitment and onboarding processes to ensure the value of its AI capability while optimizing time and costs.

Custom Competency Descriptions:

Factorial AI automatically suggests and assigns key competencies to each role and level. Managers can now save time by giving Factorial AI the power to create descriptions for new competencies, which enhances accuracy and consistency across roles and departments.

Effortless Document Summaries:

The power of Factorial AI takes it one step further by automatically generating document summaries, highlighting key information, insights, and findings. It takes lengthy documents and summarizes them into comprehensive paragraphs, extracting relevant information instantly with documentation analysis.

Expansion on AWS Marketplace:

Alongside its AI capabilities, Factorial is thrilled to announce its presence on AWS Marketplace. Due to Factorial’s recent product advancements, its presence on AWS Marketplace is a priority that further extends its reach and accessibility.

Businesses can now leverage comprehensive HR solutions offered by Factorial directly through the AWS Marketplace platform, unlocking many benefits and seamless integration possibilities.

“Combining the power of our software with AI allows Factorial to further supercharge businesses,” said Factorial’s Head of North America, Peter Santis. “We’re here to modernize HR processes while bringing innovation to the table, and this is just the next step to taking HR automation to the next level.”

To showcase these exciting developments, Factorial will be participating in the upcoming SHRM 2023 event in Las Vegas. Attendees can visit Factorial, located at booth 2360 in West Hall. They will have the opportunity to experience product updates firsthand, witness live demos, and interact with knowledgeable representatives. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into how Factorial’s solutions can transform their HR and people management practices.

About Factorial

Founded in 2016, Factorial offers people-centric solutions for HR teams, automating processes so they have more time to dedicate to the people within their organization. With over 75,000 users across 65+ countries, Factorial serves clients such as KFC, Booking.com, and Whisbi. Factorial became Europe’s newest Unicorn in 2022 following a Series C investment round. For more information, please visit factorialhr.com.

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