Familia Kitchen Announces New Partnership with HealthCentral

CHICAGO, Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Traditional Latinx recipes website Familia Kitchen is partnering with leading health website HealthCentral to create a special Latinx menu showcasing 8 new Healthy & Delicioso recipes of traditional Latino dishes. These good-for-you food makeovers are authentic, delicious and nutritious, especially for Latinos seeking diabetes-friendly options.

Latinos are at higher risk (17%) of having diabetes and diabetes complications than non-Hispanic whites (8%), according to the CDC. And, “Latinos also are more likely to be overweight, which is linked to higher rates of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and strokes,” adds Kim Caviness founder, CEO and editor-in-chief.  That’s why these two trusted experts—Familia Kitchen for real-deal Latino cooking and HealthCentral, whose mission is to help others create their healthiest life—came together.

Can you have pumpkin flan and arroz con pollo and be healthy, too? Si, says Familia Kitchen, offering twists on popular Latinx foods and drinks. With unmistakably authentic Healthy & Delicioso recipes for favorites like flan, yuca fritters, nachos, arroz con pollo, margaritas and pastel de chocolate.  The recipes were given an expert makeover to create healthy, traditional fare: mucho amazing flavor, minus the sugar and fat.

To create the eight Healthy & Delicioso recipes, Familia Kitchen turned to one of our favorite Familia Kitchen cocineras, Naihomy Jerez, for one of her famous food flips. Not only is she a great Dominican homecook, Naihomy is a health and food expert who lost almost 50 pounds five years ago—and has kept it off. Naihomy has since devoted herself to her own food and wellness consultancy, Bagels & Brussels. She advises clients—many of them Latinas like herself who love fried yuca, tacos and arroz con pollo—how to flip their favorite foods, keep the flavor, lessen their chances of getting diabetes, and look and feel great.

FamiliaKitchen.com recently launched to collect, preserve and celebrate favorite family recipes and cooking traditions of the 66-million-plus Latinos living in the United States. The website’s abuela-style, authentic recipes speak to the website’s commitment to build—with mucho, mucho amor—the most complete, authentic and largest collection of traditional recipes, how-to tips and cooking techniques brought by Latinos from 19 Latin American and Caribbean Spanish-speaking homelands.


Familia Kitchen is on a mission to collect, curate and celebrate our traditional Latinx culinary heritage at its most authentic and delicious. We’re building a family treasury of our favorite abuela-cooking recipes from all the Spanish speaking places we come from. Let’s cook our way home—together. Learn more at https://familiakitchen.com

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