Finally, a Mask That Protects the Wearer, and Its Profits Support Abused Dogs

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — People worldwide have been wearing masks, yet many have been infected and died. Most masks do not protect the wearer, creating a false sense of security. The current morbidity rate is not surprising given how people guard their lives by wearing masks that provide little to no protection.

People don’t realize just how risky disposable masks can be. Most are water-resistant; if water can’t get through them, neither can air; people are inhaling and exhaling contaminated air from above the nose and below the chin. Regrettably, even hospitals and retirement facilities use these masks yet remain surprised when people wearing them are still contracting COVID or dying.

Antonio Stefano, a San Diego-based clothing brand, has engineered a mask that can help save lives. The clothing design firm was originally founded to pay veterinary bills for abused dogs, and launched with hand-made Italian neckties that have been sold worldwide.  Stefano Riznyk, the CEO, has backgrounds in biochemistry and genetics, as well as fashion. Combining these disciplines, he designed a mask that protects the wearer; they are 100% hand-made in the USA. The designs, however, emanate from Lake Como, where he created the looks that can even be worn when visiting royalty.

The 3-layer mask has been professionally tested and has a 99.3% bacterial filtration rate.  In addition, it holds a PM 2.5 filter, available on Amazon, that would add another 5 layers of protection, for a total of 8. Surprisingly, it does not impair breathing much; one can even jog with all 8 layers, as Stefano does. The outer layer is highly wicking, repelling water droplets that contain COVID, while the layer closest to the mouth is a very soft and comfortable cotton, perfect for all-day wear.

Antonio Stefano will transfer at least 75% of net profits to a non-profit to pay veterinary bills for abused dogs. With frustrations created by COVID isolation, dog abuse is an increasing, yet unaddressed crisis of its own. Designed for efficacy, fashion, and charity, Antonio Stefano masks is meant save the lives of both people and dogs. The company website is

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