Finquest Unveils Comprehensive White Paper on the Untapped Potential for M&A in the Lower Middle Market

Leading deal sourcing provider, Finquest, shares proprietary first-party data for first time that reveals 40% of private markets are barely touched by investors.

LONDON, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Finquest – the leading data-driven M&A deal sourcing partner for Private Equity & Corporate M&A teams globally, has released a groundbreaking white paper that reveals the true M&A potential, and the monumental level of inefficiency, in the increasingly-attractive lower middle market.

Titled “The Next M&A Frontier – Navigating the Untapped Potential of the Lower Middle Market,” the white paper offers unparalleled insight into both investor-appetite and seller’s willingness to engage in transactions. Derived from thousands of first-party interviews with CEOs and decision makers in middle market companies, the data and insight this paper offers are groundbreaking. It answers the question of just how much opportunity is being left on the table by the private market investment community.

Tanguy Lesselin, CEO & Co-Founder of Finquest commented “This is the first time we can see how deep the investible portion of the middle market truly is – and more importantly – just how inefficient the market is at tracking and tapping into it. There is huge opportunity available for those taking a data-driven approach to their M&A strategy. The tools, the data, and the processes are available, and there are no excuses to finding proprietary deals now. And given the ongoing conversations around valuation misalignment and an impending correction, this data and insight is even more crucial today.”

Key Highlights Include:

  • How much of the middle market remains untapped.
  • Which countries and sectors see the highest investor competitive intensity.
  • Which revenue bracket requires the most intense buyer differentiation and value proposition.

Finquest’s commitment to providing comprehensive market mapping using data and AI, along with introductions to actionable proprietary opportunities, has positioned them as a trusted partner for Private Equity firms and Corporate M&A teams worldwide. This white paper further cements their reputation as thought leaders on the use of data and AI in M&A; and offers a truly unique and new dataset to understand the opaque lower middle market.   

About Finquest

Finquest is a leading fintech company that sources proprietary mid-market M&A deals for Private Equity and Corporates that match their strategic objectives and criteria. Finquest’s unrivalled, AI-powered database makes 200M private companies, around the world, discoverable to investors. The company currently has nine offices across Europe, North America, and Asia. For more information, visit

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