#FollowTheL1ght To Find The Most Promising Projects On The Blockchain – L1ght L1st- Non-custodial FlashL1ght Wallet Goes Live in October, Followed By Full Scale Platform Launch In December!

REDDING, Calif., Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — L1ght L1st announced deployment of the official $L1ght Token and ApeSwap IDO set for September 30th, 2021. The L1ght token has a unique dynamic transaction fee, split between holders and the primary liquidity pool, ensuring continuous growth after launch. The innovative fee algorithmically adjusts with each sale, affecting heavy dumpers more significantly than small traders, and is mitigated to a static 1% for purchase of the token.

About L1ght L1st

L1ght L1st is a simplified launchpad alternative that provides an opportunity for bold investors to take part in shaping the future of DeFi space, introducing them to the most promising utility projects appearing on the blockchain. Through utilization of L1ght token, each investor is empowered to Shine on their favorite Seed projects, purchase the top performing Sprouts, and Harvest transaction fees by adding to liquidity pairs with L1ght, facilitating health project growth from Seed to Sprout. Learn more at: https://l1ghtl1st.io

The Intersection Between Ambitious Investors And Remarkable Innovation.

Rather than deploying barriers to investors and acting as gatekeepers to developers like traditional launchpads, L1ght L1st utilizes a fully democratized, community driven protocol to facilitate identifying, funding, and nurturing the most innovative projects on the Binance Smart Chain. Using the L1ght token, investors can earn new tokens for Shining on their favorite projects before they Sprout, purchase top performing Seeds as they Sprout each week at a fixed price, and pair L1ght with their favorite Sprouts in Harvest Pools, ensuring continuous passive earnings. L1ght L1st will be taking their first steps to demystify DeFi for investors of all experience levels and financial standings with the FlashL1ght wallet, available via the App Store and Google Play October 17th, 2021. 

The End Of Financial Barriers: Democratized Investing

  • L1ght: The super token of L1ght L1st, used to Shine on Seeds, stake on DAO governance, and pair with Sprouts in Harvest pools to collect transaction fees.
  • Browse Seeds: Seeds refresh each week, encouraging investors to research the newest and most exciting projects.
  • Shine on Favorites: Investors Shine on their favorite projects, locking their allocated L1ght until the end of the week, at which point the most popular Seeds turn to Sprouts.
  • Sprout Rewards: Investors who Shined on successful Seeds that Sprout are awarded a small portion of tokens from the Seed projects.
  • Sprouts: Organized by the amount of L1ght they received during the Seed phase, and sold at a fixed price, higher ranked projects indicate stronger market validation.
  • Harvest L1ght: Stake L1ght in pairs with BNB, or any previous Sprout, Harvesting transaction fees along with newly minted L1ght until production ends in 2026.

For the latest information on the L1ght token, or the full platform, explore L1ght L1st on social media: Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram

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Michael Margrave, CFO


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