Genesis House Offers Family Therapy and Support Services for Loved Ones of Those Struggling with Addiction

Addiction is often called “a family disease,” and as loved ones get help, families might need support, too.

LAKE WORTH, Fla., April 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, Genesis House, offers effective family therapy and support services for loved ones of those struggling with an addiction. Addiction is not an easy path, and it’s not always clear how to support a loved one struggling with an addiction. For the last 30 years in tranquil South Florida, Genesis House has supported thousands of patients and their families with loving family therapy and support services that establish trust, heal relationships, and reset boundaries.

From an outside perspective, it might feel “easy” to fix a substance abuse problem, but it is actually a complex disease that can only be treated, not cured. Addiction deeply affects families, and once-peaceful homes might turn into chaotic, toxic environments. Children might develop extreme guilt for a parent’s substance abuse or feel neglected. Parents might feel helpless in the face of their child’s struggle or hurt if they are lied to or betrayed. Financial problems, unpaid debts, emotional chaos, moving frequently, and other types of instability are other consequences of addiction. Addiction creates conflict in families, bringing out the worst in people and creating a ripple effect way beyond the one struggling with the addiction.

Also, family and friends might struggle with the line between “enabling” and “support.” They want to help their loved one through financial support, making excuses for them, or providing a place to live, but those are often enabling behaviors. Healthy boundary setting is another area that suffers when trying to help a loved one battle addiction. Family and friends might eventually feel betrayed and angry over broken trust or uncomfortable situations. However, professional resources like family therapy and support services at Genesis House are equipped to help work through feelings of anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and more.

Approximately 46% of Americans know someone affected by drug addiction, emphasizing the necessity for holistic programs that aid in family healing. Genesis House offers family therapy as a solution, gathering loved ones in a supportive environment guided by an experienced medical professional. Their unique, evidence-based approach allows family members to openly discuss addiction’s impact and promotes personal healing. This method not only enhances communication and conflict resolution but also fosters empathy and understanding. As a result, families often emerge from therapy more united and resilient than before.

“We see first-hand how much families hate watching their loved one struggle, but therapy is the first step in healing that trauma,” said Bryan Alzate, CEO and owner of Genesis House. “Often, family members harbor a lot of guilt and responsibility for their loved ones’ disease.”

Another way for family members to heal is support groups geared towards loved ones. Al-Anon or Nar-Anon are two popular options that meet regularly and create a space for sharing experiences, feelings, and emotions. These groups can act as a kind of “second home” for loved ones to safely vent frustrations and struggles and focus on their needs. Genesis House also facilitates connections with these support groups and encourages family members to get the help they need in processing, coping, and moving forward.

Family therapy is included in every patient’s treatment plan at Genesis House, and the staff works to make it possible whether it’s in-person or via phone or a video call. Their experts know addiction is a multifaceted disease and should be treated as such. Support groups specifically for loved ones help create a safe space for family members and friends to share and connect with others facing the same challenges. 

The benefits of family therapy and support services are well-researched and numerous. Nearly 90 percent of people who participated in family therapy said their emotional health improved, and family therapy can help discourage relapse and promote long-term recovery. For partners, children, parents, caregivers, siblings, friends, and anyone else affected by the addiction, family therapy and support groups can help more than individual-based therapy. 

For the last three decades in South Florida, Genesis House has built a safe, beautiful, and effective place for those struggling with addiction to heal. Proven alcohol and drug detox programs help cleanse the body, and then specific aftercare treatment geared towards the individual helps them prepare for long-term recovery. At the beginning of treatment, each patient is assigned a primary therapist who works with them for the duration of their treatment plan, and often these therapists are able to provide support for family healing as well. 

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