Genetica Unveils Flora Match: Powering Personalized Cannabis Retail Experiences with AI

Flora Match: An Advanced AI Platform for Tailored Product Recommendations

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Genetica announces the launch of Flora Match, an AI-powered cannabis retail platform. Utilizing over 650 million data points in real-time, this innovative product leverages a unique blend of machine-learning science and consumer data to generate tailored product recommendations for consumers. With +200 dispensaries already on the waitlist, Flora Match is poised to raise the bar for personalized retail experiences, starting with the cannabis and CBD industries.

Flora Match is built to enhance the retail environment for both customers and retailers. By analyzing an extensive array of data points – including the consumer’s dietary habits, activity levels, age, medical conditions, and desired outcomes – Flora Match provides bespoke product recommendations. In turn, it empowers store employees, fosters customer loyalty, and increases cart sizes, resulting in a significant ROI.

Genetica CEO Ben York expressed his excitement about the launch: “We’re thrilled to see Flora Match go live in select stores across the US. This roll-out marks a significant stride in our mission to elevate retail experiences through smarter, data-driven tools. We’re not just launching a product, we’re inviting retailers and consumers to join us in shaping a more personalized and efficient future for retail. We’re so excited to activate the hundreds of stores that have been on our waitlist patiently anticipating activation.”

Robb Hughes, Owner of Dragon Lily Dispensary in Tulsa, OK added, “The whole Dragon Lily team is excited to be part of Genetica’s launch of Flora Match. Flora Match harnesses the power of AI to help dispensaries like ours drive revenue growth through highly personalized product recommendations. Our goal is to enhance the way we work with customers, and Flora Match is a major step toward that future.”

Flora Match is just the beginning, with Genetica set to further innovate the retail sector with the introduction of Flora OS in the near future. This all-in-one operating system will build on the personalized capabilities of Flora Match.

About Genetica:
Established in 2020, Genetica is at the forefront of modernizing the cannabis and CBD industries with Flora AI, its pioneering platform. Flora AI analyzes over 650 million data points to provide precise product recommendations, ensuring customers find the perfect product in line with their needs, biochemistry, and current in-store inventory. This state-of-the-art tool not only enriches the customer experience and empowers store employees, paving the way for effective upselling and increased loyalty. With a profound understanding of the historical and cultural significance of cannabis, Genetica is committed to helping retailers navigate and thrive in this rapidly evolving market. Experience the transformative power of Flora AI and unlock your cannabis and CBD retail business’s full potential. Learn more at

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