Global Cyber Alliance and New York Metro Infragard Membership Alliance Announce Partnership

LONDON and NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) and the New York Metro InfraGard Members Alliance® (NYM-IMA) today announced a partnership to collaborate in building a trustworthy and secure Internet by promoting solutions that address root causes, education, and the deployment of cybersecurity best practices among Internet users.

Philip Reitinger, GCA’s President and CEO, said, "Cybersecurity risk continues to increase due to the volume and sophistication of criminal activity online. Our partnership with NYM-IMA supports and strengthens our commitment to action-oriented initiatives. We look forward to working with NYM-IMA to reduce cyber risk through ongoing education and the promotion of cybersecurity best practices among Internet users."

"We are inspired by GCA’s commitment to action and are so proud of this collaboration; there is, in our opinion, no more effective way to navigate the growing cyber threat landscape than through the power of public-private partnerships," said Jennifer Gold, President and Chair, New York Metro InfraGard Members Alliance®. "In New York City, we recognize the catalyzing impact of collaboration. It is the pillar upon which our civic life is built. Our work with GCA will serve as a force multiplier to increase access and equity to expert cybersecurity tools, solutions, and education. Working together, we advance both of our missions and, more importantly, equip individuals and businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to defend against today’s cyber threats. "

The partnership will focus on promoting GCA programs that address security problems at scale, and enhance Internet user skill sets, including:

  • The Internet Integrity program, which aims to bring together key players in Internet infrastructure operations, as well as adjacent industries, to identify top priorities for addressing cybersecurity issues that cannot be solved by any single actor, or subset of actors, independently. The program features:
    • Domain Trust, a cross-industry effort to address domain abuse, one of the pillars of global cyber crime. Domain Trust’s first achievement is a rich data-sharing platform that builds on GCA’s first solution everQuad9, and now even offers AI-empowered predictive data.
    • AIDE, a complex ecosystem to address the increasing issue of IoT security. The project, also a cross-industry initiative, relies on a massive dataset of real IoT incidents.
  • The Capacity and Resilience (C&R) program is focused on supporting global social and economic growth by advancing identified communities’ cybersecurity capacity and improving their resilience to cyber risk. The program includes:
    • FourCybersecurity Toolkits to increase the resilience of small businesses (available in French, German, Spanish and Bahasa); election officials (U.S. Only); mission-based organizations and journalists. The toolkits are individually sponsored by Mastercard, Craig Newmark Philanthropies and Public Interest Registry. They are divided into toolboxes addressing specific cyber risks and featuring an introduction video, free tools, and additional resources. They also include training and the CA Community Forum to support and advise Toolkit users.

For more information, please visit The Global Cyber Alliance and the New York Metro InfraGard Members Alliance online.

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