Global Recognition for NOLEJ – The French Edtech Snaps the World Best Edtech Start-Up Award at the BETT in London, With its Transformative Generative AI for Education

LONDON, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NOLEJ, the innovative French EdTech start-up, secured victory in the prestigious GESA Global EdTech Start-up Award at the BETT show in London, among a community of 7,000 start-ups from 134 countries. The stage performance of its co-founder and CPO, Nejma Belkhdim, propelled NOLEJ to its winning moment. NOLEJ doubles down on its early success as European frontrunner in applying generative AI in education. This accolade is a testament to NOLEJ’s commitment to reshaping the educational landscape empowering teachers and instructional designers with Ethical Generative AI capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by the global Edtech Community at BETT. Winning the GESAwards is synonymous with winning the ‘Olympic Games of Edtech’. This victory reflects our ethical AI positioning, firmly rooted in European values. The award serves as a launching pad, propelling NOLEJ toward the realization of its global ambitions,” said Nejma Belkhdim, Co-founder and CPO at NOLEJ. 

NOLEJ AI is designed to revolutionize the future of learning by addressing the limitations of traditional education frameworks. Its flagship product NOLEJ AI allows teachers to transform any static pedagogical resource into interactive courses comprised of 15 interactives, directly accessible in their workflow. Creating one hour of interactive lesson used to take them up to 50 hours, they can now create it in minutes. The performance of such active learning modules for the learners is outstanding, with an increase of 85% in completion rate and of 75% in memorization.

Nejma Belkhdim, co-founder and CPO of NOLEJ, emphasizes,  NOLEJ AI democratizes the creation of interactive courses, opening a new era of active, adaptive and inclusive learning.  Our vision is to empower educators in class and beyond thanks to the combined power of cognitive science, pedagogy and AI. “

NOLEJ is committed to leveraging the power of AI to make learning more efficient, accessible, and aligned with the demands of the 21st century. By effectively bridging the gap between the current learning infrastructure and future-proof learning experiences, NOLEJ AI is not just an educational tool but a catalyst for societal transformation.

With our indirect sales strategy, NOLEJ seamlessly integrates ethical AI into the leading Learning Management Systems, making advanced capabilities accessible to teachers directly in their workflow, across educational institutions, districts, and entire countries. Together, in a collective intelligence approach, we are building solutions to power the future of learning. – concludes Vincent Favrat, CEO of NOLEJ.

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Co-founded between France and the United States by a group of serial entrepreneurs, NOLEJ specialized in natural language processing before the emergence of generative AI such as ChatGPT. Today, NOLEJ markets a mature product, co-developed with thousands of teachers in a collective intelligence approach. NOLEJ offers institutions and training centers an upgrade of their learning infrastructure, reinforced by ethical AI, directed to meet their specific needs.

Contact: Tara-Perle Zeni