Hailed As One of the Most “Influential Women in Institutional Investing,” Author Peels Back the Curtain on Financial Literacy with New Children’s Book Series

STAMFORD, Conn., Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Topics like stocks and investing are often subjects that can test an adult’s confidence in their own financial literacy. Investment researcher and professional equity investor, Nicolette DiMaggio, has a plan to change that by starting with the very young. With her new children’s book series, Stock Explore, DiMaggio uses engaging storytelling to educate young readers on the basics of investing to foster confidence and a chance at a better financial future.

As a young female professional in the investment industry, DiMaggio was struck by its lack of gender diversity, and it was this personal experience that inspired her to write her Stock Explore stories. She says, “I wanted to make stories with role models kids could look up to and to demystify the world of investing…I hope readers gain confidence from my books and walk away knowing that they too are capable.”

In the series’ debut installment, Stock Explore, readers meet a young girl named Elle and her friend Sam the Owl, the latter of whom explains to the curious Elle what a stock is, the benefits of stock ownership, and the five “superpowers” that a stock picker holds such as competitive rivalry or threat of substitution. Through engaging painterly illustrations and using examples referencing companies kids can relate to such as Apple and Microsoft, the book’s complex material is presented in an accessible way and shows young readers that stocks are related to nearly every product we interact with in our daily lives.

A follow-up picture book, Stock Explore and the P/E Pirates, explores investing concepts such as price to earnings ratio, price versus value, and dividends using appealing product examples centered around chocolate companies like Hershey’s. Elle and Sam return, along with friends, Penny, Ruby, and Jada, and teacher Mrs. R, in a story that helps illustrate how companies’ earnings can be affected by many causes, including unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19. A back of the book glossary explains investment terms, while an activity workbook reinforces lessons and skills learned through practice questions using math and division to determine price and earnings, along with fun facts about the companies referenced in the story.

The latest installment, Stock Explore’s Comic Club, is a longer chapter book offering that explains the investing industry’s language by breaking down investment terms in order to enhance the reader’s financial vocabulary. Terms like inflation, consumer price index, and diversification are shared through engaging graphic novel-type visuals, using familiar company examples like Disney, Roblox, and Six Flags.

Families and educators of young children will welcome a book collection that elevates the important topic of investing, learned through storytelling that will help forge a path to a future of financial literacy and confidence. With her deep knowledge and experience as an acclaimed female investment analyst, researcher, and investor, Nicolette DiMaggio’s Stock Explore series will shape the next generation’s opinion and outlook on the investment industry.

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