Healthcare M+A Veteran Anna Elliott Joins VERTESS

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VERTESS, a leading healthcare mergers and acquisitions (M+A) advisory firm (, announced today that seasoned M+A professional Anna Elliott, who specializes in high-growth, healthcare technologies such as Deep Tech, SAAS, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Ambient Solutions, has joined the company as a Managing Director and Partner.

As a specialist in healthcare for her entire career, a key area of expertise for her is to appeal to healthcare technology firms and industries that are growing or merging. Anna is skilled in microtargeting related to needs and opportunities throughout the entire process of business’ supply and demand. Over the past 15 years, her successes in this area have led to over $150 million in value to the organizations involved. In short, Anna is an expert in using technology to identify not only tasks that are at risk of failure but also opportunities that offer rapid, significant gains overall. 

Anna previously co-founded the boutique merger and acquisition advisory firm, M&A Finders, in Pittsburgh, where she found her passion for advocating on behalf of buyers and sellers with their M+A goals. She is excited to bring her skills and network to VERTESS where she has the resources needed to expand her footprint in the healthcare industry.

"Although I experienced enormous success with M&A Finders, I realized I could help my clients even further with a deep bench of support," Anna noted. "I was so impressed by the team at VERTESS and the high quality of work they are doing. It is energizing to be working alongside this group of motivated, productive, and encouraging people who are committed to excellence."

Brad Smith, VERTESS Managing Director/Partner, commented, "We have known Anna for several years and were always impressed by her accomplishments and loyalty to her clients. We consider it a huge win for our team and our clients to have her join us. Anna’s experience and achievements in the healthcare IT sector are phenomenal. As a member of Team VERTESS, she allows us to expand our reach and take our collective success to unprecedented heights."

Anna Elliott can be reached directly at
 or +1.724.900.1377.

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