HeroX Welcomes Roshni Wijayasinha as CMO

VANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HeroX, a leading platform for open innovation, proudly announces that Roshni Wijayasinha has joined them in their journey as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). With an exceptional track record in strategic marketing and a passion for driving growth through innovative approaches, Roshni brings invaluable expertise to HeroX.

Having held key leadership roles across a broad spectrum of industries, Ms. Wijayasinha is poised to elevate HeroX’s market presence and global outreach. Her visionary leadership and commitment to leveraging cutting-edge strategies align perfectly with HeroX’s mission to revolutionize problem-solving through collaborative innovation.

As CMO, Ms. Wijayasinha will oversee HeroX’s marketing initiatives, focusing on cultivating brand awareness, expanding user engagement, and driving strategic partnerships to propel the platform’s growth trajectory.

“Although Roshni has been collaborating with us for a few months, it’s a pleasure to officially welcome her to the HeroX team,” said Kal K. Sahota, CEO of HeroX. “Her proven expertise in driving marketing strategies and her innovative mindset will be instrumental in growing our brand presence and ultimately supporting organizations globally in accelerating their open innovation strategies to keep up with the pace of business”.

Roshni Wijayasinha joins HeroX to support with building a marketing engine that will continue to drive growth and position HeroX as the leading Open Innovation platform.


HeroX is a platform and open marketplace for crowdsourcing innovation and human ingenuity, co-founded in 2013 by Christian Cotichini and XPRIZE Founder and Futurist, Peter Diamandis. HeroX offers a turnkey, easy-to-use platform that supports anyone, anywhere, to solve everyday business and world challenges using the power of the crowd. Uniquely positioned as the Social Network for Innovation, HeroX is the only place you can build, grow and curate your very own crowd.

Explore HeroX at www.herox.com.

Media Contact:
Jodie Wozniak