High Fertilizer Prices and Declining Soil Health Lead to a Solution Chemical Companies Don’t Want You to Know, Dr.JimZ Explains

BOISE, Idaho, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A fourth-generation, family-based business in Idaho offers a product that solves the problem for big agriculture by supplying a revolutionary nutrient called Chicken Soup for the Soil®. It brings dead soil back to life and supplies all the nutrients most fertilizers neglect.

Since WWII large chemical companies have persuaded American farmers to use high doses of synthetic nitrogen on row crops, gardens, hay fields, and pasture land. Studies show nitrogen temporarily helps increase yields while simultaneously taking a toll on soil health. Research has shown that for every pound of nitrogen applied to the soil, 20 pounds of beneficial carbon is lost from that soil.

Jim Zamzow, founder of Dr. JimZ®, quotes an old Dutch saying: “commercial fertilizer is good for the father and bad for the son” suggesting that chemical fertilizer does well in the short term but harms the health of the soil in the process. Unhealthy soils typically have more problems such as lower quality produce, less nutritional value, insect infestation and disease. In response to a growing number of problems, farmers are then told to apply more nitrogen, pesticides, and fungicides to meet yield requirements. Sadly, destroying soil health by applying high doses of synthetic chemicals turns into a vicious cycle.

Recent market studies show many farmers are starting to understand the value of healthy soil and how it improves crop production. Healthy soil that is full of life can reverse the effects of chemical fertilizer to restore crop quality. The colloidal, non-leaching nutrients found in Dr. JimZ® Chicken Soup for the Soil® are designed to stimulate life in the soil and provide an abundance of nutrients to the microbes. The microbes process the nutrients and transform them into an absorbable form plants can use. When plants receive nutrients at a biologic level everything improves.

Chicken Soup for the Soil® contains many ingredients not typically found in commercial fertilizers, including an array of essential amino acids, multiple sources of minerals, trace minerals and micro trace minerals all in naturally chelated forms, organic acids from mineral extracts, multiple sources of carbon, sea-plant extracts and some compounds found in the sea. Ingredients are transformed into a colloidal, non-leaching nutrient that is easy for microbes to consume, digest, and feed plants at a biologic level.

Lars Knutsen