How Cancelling Race Relations Training Contracts Outlined in White House Sept. 4 Memo Could Hurt America

BETHESDA, Md., Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The move by President Trump in a Sept. 4 White House Office of Management and Budget memo baring federal agencies from engaging in racial sensitivity trainings and casting them as ‘divisive’ and ‘un-American’ could have long-lasting damaging effects for the entire country.

“The memo aimed at banning race relations training at federal agencies is inappropriate for a number of reasons,” said KUSI Global President Talia Fox. “The memo focuses on what federal agencies need to cancel instead of what they need to start and continue.”

KUSI Global is a world leader in professional development and helps organizations perform better. The company is 8A and EDWOSB certified. It has worked with the federal government and agencies, leading universities like Harvard and many healthcare and private sector companies across the U.S.

“The White House memo is not a reflection of what is really happening with most professional race-related training. The trainings performed by KUSI Global with federal agencies are aimed at building better organizations and a stronger and more inclusive America,” said Fox.

There has been so much progress around increased comfort, accountability and meaningful action to address inequities and racism as a result of training and inclusive conversations. The actions by President Trump will undo all the hard work and accomplishments made so far. 

Federal agencies can be risk adverse and the memo should not be interpreted broadly. Federal agencies should continue with their efforts, yet ensure the content is aligned with agency values and inclusive.

Organizations and leaders across federal agencies have been taking meaningful and productive action steps to address inequities, decrease bias, and create cultures that are inclusive and aligned with agency values.

In light of recent events around racial and social unrest and the impact of the pandemic, leaders have been holding townhalls and other conversations on a variety of topics relevant to the workforce.

These conversations are an important leadership action to help the workforce navigate and understand diversity, equity and inclusion, as it relates to workplace culture and evolving challenges.

In addition, public and private organizations have been holding training events on unconscious bias and other diversity related themes. These themes support proficiency levels for leadership competence outlined by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and reflect the capacity to apply leadership skills in difficult situations.

For effective diversity, equality and inclusion of all employees, organizations must be committed to the basic core competencies of leading change, leading people, driving results, applying business acumen, and building coalitions.

Diversity training helps leaders achieve these goals by developing resiliency, leveraging diversity, accountability and problem solving and human capital management, as well as influencing and political savvy skills. It also encourages continued learning in this area for a better organization.

KUSI Global Inc. is a hub for transformational leadership and global connections. It supports today’s leaders and builds tomorrow’s innovators with change initiatives and learning strategies for the future.

The firm specializes in cultural and emotional intelligence, systems thinking and effective leadership approaches. The goal is to diffuse conflict, restore relationships and build innovative powerhouse teams, organizations and projects that represent the best of America and humanity.

“KUSI Global Inc. has launched the highly sought-after new course Conscious Equity 2.0: Leading beyond bias to support inclusive leadership and professional practices in federal agencies,” said Fox.

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