How Hackstone Made Hunt A Killer $1 Million in Three Months with Video Campaign

BALTIMORE, Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — “Hackstone’s focus on testing got our immediate attention. Getting the film out to potential customers early and studying metrics to make improvements aligned directly with our ‘test and learn’ philosophy.” — Shawn McGehee, CMO, Hunt A Killer


In one quarter, Hackstone’s three-minute, flag-ship film produced:

  • $1 million dollars in sales revenue 
  • $10 reduction in customer acquisition costs
  • 39 percent increase in click through rates
  • 45 million unique brand impressions 

Hunt A Killer (, a subscription-based murder mystery game provider is always looking to improve. The team suspected they could run more efficient video campaigns to lower customer acquisition costs (CAC) and increase returns on marketing investments (ROI).

We pitched them a sharp, immersive video campaign that ended up doing exactly that— and a whole lot more.

Product. After building customer profiles and conducting research with focus groups, we decided on an authentic, trailer-style video for their 1930’s-era “Curtain Call” series, executed and filmed as if it were a movie headed to the big screen. Everything— from the wardrobe to the locations—came straight from the 1930’s. We didn’t overlook a single detail knowing this clue-savvy audience would notice if we did.

Shawn McGehee, CMO at Hunt A Killer said, “Hackstone translated our attention to detail and immersive story telling into video content—potential customers understood Hunt A Killer wasn’t a box of stuff they’d get in the mail every month, but a portal to a gripping thriller.”

Our repeated testing told us we’d hit the mark.

Results. In just one quarter of running this campaign, Hunt A Killer hit over $1 million in sales revenue and reduced CAC by $10. Additionally, click-through rates (CTR)s increased by 39 percent, and unique brand impressions skyrocketed to 45 million. When the video was added to their homepage, Hunt A Killer experienced an eight (8) percent increase in website conversions. 

Furthermore, this video campaign allowed Hunt A Killer to reopen two additional marketing channels— YouTube and over-the-top (OTT) — the latter of which went from zero spend to their third largest. 

According to Dan Hack, CEO at Hackstone, “Our ‘test and improve’ approach to video production guarantees return on investment. Video production should never cost a business money, it should only make them money.”

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