HQ NextPCB Upgrades KiCad Sponsorship to Platinum in Support of Open-Source Development

SHENZHEN, China, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HQ NextPCB, a subsidiary of Huaqiu Electronics, is a leading Chinese-based manufacturer providing reliable multi-layer PCB fabrication and assembly services for over 15 years, has announced it is renewing its support for KiCad EDA by becoming a platinum sponsor and working closely with KiCad to provide software tools for KiCad users.

The KiCad project is an open-source project to develop the best possible cross-platform electronics design application for professional electronics designers while remaining approachable by new and inexperienced users. Its success is evident with KiCad being the number one choice for hundreds of thousands of PCB designers worldwide in hobbyist, educational and professional circles.

NextPCB is one of China’s largest PCB manufacturers with 3 major factories catering to prototyping, mass production and PCB assembly. NextPCB has 15 years of engineering expertise and a strong rapport with local electronics design communities.

Dedicated to making electronics manufacturing accessible and affordable to all, NextPCB combines their manufacturing and software expertise with tools such as KiCad to ensure a seamless progression from design to physical product.

“KiCad is a prime example of what open-source development can achieve, and with our shared values, together we hope to make electronics design and manufacturing simpler for everyone by utilizing and supporting open-source software,” said HQ NextPCB CEO Suibai Chen.

To further support the foundation, NextPCB has a special offer that allows readers to donate to KiCad when they place a PCBA order with NextPCB. Just use coupon code KNEXTPCB on PCBA orders over $50 for a $30USD discount, and NextPCB will give $20USD towards the KiCad project.

About NextPCB

HQ NextPCB and HQ Online are the overseas trading brands of Shenzhen Huaqiu (HQ) Electronics Co. Ltd., a reliable multi-layer PCB manufacturer and assembly house. Their capabilities include up to 32 layer boards, blind and buried vias up to HDI 3, custom stack-ups, full turnkey assembly and more via a smart quotation platform with dedicated one-to-one support.

Founded in 2009, NextPCB’s passion for fast, reliable and affordable full-featured electronics manufacturing has driven NextPCB to innovate and modernize the electronics manufacturing industry. NextPCB developed and maintains the software HQDFM, a groundbreaking tool for designers to analyze PCB Gerber files and detect design issues. Over 300,000 users around the world already choose NextPCB. Try them for your next design at HQ NextPCB.com and see how they can accelerate your workflow.

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