Incident Xpress Launches Their New Dealer Network Program in Canada and the USA

EDMONTON, AB, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Incident Xpress, the easiest-to-use and most affordable cloud-based security incident reporting SaaS solution to hit the North American market, has launched a revenue-sharing Dealer Network program. Ideal candidates are organizations already serving the security marketplace that have stellar reputations for caring and trust among their customers, including security consultants, investigators, and product vendors.

Dana Adams, CPP, CISSP, MBA and VP of Business Development at Incident Xpress Inc., says, “This was my first initiative joining the Incident Xpress management team. Local dealers will extend our reach at the provincial and state level and enable superior pre- and post-subscription customer support. Dealers will be true partners and share in recurring revenue.”

Denis O’Sullivan, CPP and President of Incident Xpress Inc. says, “After a couple of years developing, debugging, and finetuning Incident Xpress, we are confident that the product is the best it can be. Dealers can trust that adding Incident Xpress to their portfolio will enhance their reputation and offerings to end users.”

Adams adds “We are excited to welcome Dealers to our network and look forward to working closely with them to expand the use of Incident Xpress across North America. Their commitment and investment in Incident Xpress is a vote of confidence for our collective future.”

If you are interested in becoming an Incident Xpress Dealer, please contact Dana Adams at 1-877-577-1562 or at

About Incident Xpress (iX):

Incident Xpress is a SaaS solution for reporting, investigating, and managing security incidents and events. Incident Xpress helps SMBs manage their security risks by providing a robust, easy-to-use, and affordable security incident reporting and management cloud-based solution. Users query and action their data to manage resources and make informed decisions that mitigate reputational and litigation damage and costs. Hosted by Microsoft Azure, iX is easy to get up and running. Users have access to default setups for four verticals (corporate, education, healthcare, and hospitality), online help throughout the product and a Help Center including guides and video tutorials. Everything you want to know about Incident Xpress Inc., its software, and pricing is publicly available on its website –

Contact: Cora Bolianatz, VP Marketing & Customer Success
P: 1-877-577-1562

SOURCE Incident Xpress