Inland Detox Introduces Pharmacogenetics Testing

TEMECULA, Calif., Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the opioid epidemic continues to worsen, many people are looking for help in detox and rehab. Over the last 7 years, the team at Inland Detox has helped people recover from addiction. Recently, we took another step in helping our clients by introducing pharmacogenetic testing into our services. This new service will allow us to better help our clients and find out whether they are allergic to certain medicines.

What Is Pharmacogenetics Testing?

The field of pharmacogenetics aims to understand how a person’s genetic makeup affects their response and side effects from medication. Currently, not all medications will work for every patient due to variations in the genes that code for drug-metabolizing enzymes (DME), which change one’s ability to metabolize drugs into active or inactive metabolites. Pharmacogenetic testing allows patients insight into these changes, so they can have an understanding of what could happen when taking certain medications with different variants in DME gene activity:

  • Some may experience more intense responses such as increased risk of severe adverse events
  • Others might show no therapeutic benefits despite being prescribed the same dose/medication type
  • Additionally, it is important to know that age, lifestyle choices, and drug-on-drug interactions may change your responses as well.

How Is Pharmacogenetics Testing Done?

Testing is usually done on samples taken from either a person’s blood or saliva in order to assess certain medical conditions such as disease risk factors, allergies, and virus presence among others. For example, taking someone’s blood using venous access can be performed quickly with minimal discomfort.

These Test Results Will Help Us Better Understand Your Ideal Treatment

If you get tested before starting treatment, the test can show whether it will be effective. If so, we may try to find an alternative medicine based on this information. Some tests such as those for epilepsy and HIV medications that are life-threatening if taken incorrectly help determine dosage amounts needed during treatment due to the risk of serious side effects occurring otherwise. Tests that happen before and while you’re on treatment can help us figure out the right dose. Inland Detox has the most up-to-date, comprehensive pharmacogenetic testing to help our clients get sober with fewer withdrawal symptoms. We take every precaution when treating our clients so that they have the best opportunity for recovery. If you’re looking for detox or rehab near Riverside County / Inland Empire area, contact us today.

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