Jordan Milewski Offers Tips to Turn a Law Firm’s Website Into Its Most Valuable Asset

SOUTHWEST, Fla., Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jordan Milewski creates law firm websites that prompt online visitors to pick up the phone and become prospective clients.

For the last nine years, he has worked as Senior Director of Services Strategy at two of the nation’s leading law firm marketing agencies. During that time, Jordan has provided the creative direction for more than 300 law firm websites.

What Are The Three Elements to Create a Well-Balanced, Fully Customized Website Design?

Creating a well-balanced website design requires the technical SEO elements that make a site rank high on Google, the conversion elements to turn online visitors into potential new clients, and include a law firm’s creative input in the process so that they like the site being created.

Performing in-depth audits of competitors’ websites will give a law firm the vital information needed for producing the most effective SEO-optimized site in the industry. Laying the groundwork from the beginning will make the website a law firm’s most valuable asset.

What Should Be Incorporated Into A Website to Increase Conversions?

Specifically, headers or "above the fold" elements included on each page will help to drive the overall goal of conversion. Taglines should be benefit-driven, and focused on clients and their needs. Providing credibility and social proof, in the form of association badges and reviews, will add more authority to a firm’s website – while keeping the focus on the potential client. Lastly, having the proper call-to-actions will direct potential new clients with the next steps to take to contact the law firm.

An internal page’s design may not be as elaborate as a home page, but is just as important. The header elements and call-to-actions are used to make sure every page on the website is an attractive landing page. Every page on the website is a chance to convert a new lead; treat each page as such.

How To Turn A Law Firm’s Website Into Its Most Valuable Asset?

For a law firm, the goal of its website should be simple: conversions, conversions, conversions, but the average conversion rate for law firm websites is below 2 percent in most instances.

However, incorporating the right conversion elements in the right spots on a website will get the phones ringing and the contact form leads coming in.

A law firm’s website should not function as a law library. It must be a conversion machine, data-driven and SEO-optimized, to compete within a law firm’s particular market. Content should not be written for attorneys. Instead, each page on a website should include the necessary SEO elements and benefit-driven verbiage to make prospective clients want to pick up the phone and call.

Every law firm website should be aimed at potential clients who actively need a lawyer’s help now. Instead of comprehensive, academic legal text, the aim should be to give potential clients just enough information to generate a phone call or a contact form lead.

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