LA Based Marketing Tech Company, Worth Network Partners with LA Restaurant Chains to Grow Sales During COVID-19

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Worth Network announced partnerships with LA restaurant chains, such as Silverlake Ramen, that focus on boosting revenue for small and medium sized businesses. Over the past few months, Worth’s technology has helped these restaurants take advantage of social media’s “word of mouth” to grow sales by offering a simple way to generate 1000’s of organic Instagram stories. Using Worth’s targeted marketing campaigns and user identification technology, businesses can create viral social media campaigns in targeted locations.

“It all starts with your customers,” says Patrick Kim, Founder and CEO of Worth Network. “We enable brands to convert their customers into marketers. Brands have thousands of people that talk about them online and we help brands take advantage of this word-of-mouth opportunity.”

How Does it Work Exactly? When normal social media users, no matter how big or small, post about the food they’re eating & tag the restaurant, Worth connects the two & gives users the opportunity to share for $. It’s that simple.

Worth has signed up over 400 restaurant locations during COVID-19 with a core focus on helping small businesses grow during uncertain times. “Our partners have seen consistent revenue growth since we started in July and they’ve built better relationships with their customers,” Kim concludes.

Worth’s clients include restaurant brands, CPG brands and agency partners. “We love working with Worth because they help us capture the attention of our best customers while bringing in their friends and family,” says Edward CEO of Silverlake Ramen.

About Worth Network Inc
Worth Network is digitizing word of mouth on social media. US businesses spend over $140B on digital advertising but almost 50% of ad dollars are wasted on ineffective ad campaigns. Worth solves this problem by gathering all online fans of a brand. We then incentivise them to create and promote content for targeted local marketing campaigns. Brands can start their campaign on Worth within minutes — all they need is some pre-existing content and Worth takes care of the rest. Founded in 2018, Worth Network Inc is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information visit or on Instagram.

Worth Network Media Contact

Patrick Kim

About Silverlake Ramen
Silverlake Ramen is a ramen restaurant brand that started in Los Angeles. They’re a fast-growing restaurant with 14 locations in 4 states and counting. Wholesome & fresh, Silverlake Ramen serves modern foodies, without losing the authenticity of where the food originates from. Silverlake Ramen is headquartered in Los Angeles California, for more information visit or @silverlakeramen on Instagram.

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Edward Chung

SOURCE Worth Network

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