LA Radio DJ Dies, Interviews God, Then Returns to Life

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Thousands of Near-Death Experiences have been reported, but this one is very different, and now it’s a book – a book that will be published on Tuesday, February 9, 2021! “Why Are There Monkeys? (and other questions for God)” (ISBN: 9781643884646) is the absolutely true, inspirational, laugh-out-loud funny story of former SF and LA Radio Personality, Brooke Jones’ Near-Death Question and Answer Session with God!

Eight minutes passed on Earth while Jones was busy being dead, but she wasn’t on Earth, she was at Heaven’s Front Door, having a conversation with God! She asked every question she could think of, and God provided the answers. The first thing Jones learned was that God has a sense of humor! “I don’t know why that surprised me” she said, adding “have you ever seen a Platypus?” Did her ‘Divine Experience’ really happen? Jones wasn’t sure. She wanted proof, and that’s exactly what she got – proof she could not deny!

Howard Rosenberg, Pulitzer Prize winning former LA Times columnist called “Why Are There Monkeys?” “a smart, funny and deeply moving experience that skeptics and believers alike can embrace.  I loved it!”  Ben Fong-Torres, former editor of ROLLING STONE Magazine said: “By God, Brooke Jones is a hell of a writer!”

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