Leading the Hmong People to Self-sufficiency and Independence

FRESNO, Calif., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hmong Business USA Corporation is a private company headquartered in Fresno, CA, founded in June 2021. Led by a visionary management team, its mission is:

  • to pursue Hmong business venture, development, and acquisition
  • to establish Hmong business market, agriculture, financial markets, and entrepreneurship
  • to assist the Hmong people in becoming self-sufficient and independent economically.

According to a report released by the White House in 2014, the average per capita income of Hmong Americans, is lower than any other racial groups.  As a result, a team of Hmong professionals, works together tirelessly to improve all facets of the issues, including ways of life, economic development programs, ethnic and social identity, language, and religion.  Working together with the public and private sectors, Hmong Business USA Corporation aims to raise the bar for the underserved Hmong community in the US and other countries.

The heart of this mission is to eradicate extreme poverty, reduce hunger, and improve the quality of life, education, health, and well-being of the Hmong people.  Additionally, the company aims to establish gender equality while empowering Hmong girls and women around the globe, so they can exercise their rights, unleash their potentials and abilities, and become superior as boys and men in the current competitive digital world.

Economically, the goal is to lift the Hmong people from poverty by establishing business and job opportunities for the local people while giving professional and business-oriented consultation to business owners, establishing training programs, and creating job opportunities for the Hmong people.

Hmong Business USA Corporation is currently focusing on multiple locations throughout the state of California, and it envisions expanding the business and mission nationally and internationally in the near future.

Hmong Business USA Corporation is a division of the nonprofit Council of Hmong Public Relations, The Hmong Center Washington DC (HmongPR.org).

For more information about Hmong Business USA Corporation, please contact Wangtzu Moua at 1 (559) 365-9079, Mayder Xiong at 1 (678) 239-5162, or

Hmong Business USA Corporation
P. O. Box 581207
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Work (559) 365-9079


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