LogicPlum Unveils Version 3.2 Complete with ‘Scribe’ – A Customizable Tool that Conveys and Explains AI Solutions to Whole Teams in a Single Brief

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LogicPlum (https://logicplum.com/) announced the launch of its latest software iteration with the addition of Scribe – a revolutionary new way to communicate the full range of LogicPlum’s powerful AI solutions in a single brief. Rather than forcing individuals to use multiple dashboards and make on-the-fly assessments, Scribe proactively details all pertinent information in one single report and then goes a critical step further: offering customized conclusions based on that data, tailored for each team member’s perspective. Scribe provides the answers teams need to run a business, helping companies empower their employees to build a data-driven culture.

LogicPlum 3.2 – Scribe

Businesses that utilize AI need more than just data – they need to understand the conclusions drawn by that data. Whether mandated by regulatory bodies in finance, healthcare, and research, or simply desired by teams who want to explore in depth the AI used to make day-to-day decisions, Scribe helps in three important ways:

  1. Notifications: All important AI elements from models sent to anyone on the team.
  2. Succinct and Efficient: Know what’s happening with the AI and why, using an easy-to-understand business format.
  3. Dig Deeper: Make informed decisions to drive a business forward. Customers can interact with Scribe’s output – adding, removing, and arranging AI data as needed to meet enterprise requirements.

Scribe also describes each model in detail: how the model is built, tuned, and performs (algorithms, data features, data transformations, etc.) – allowing teams to illustrate best industry practices.

"Scribe uses AI itself to produce the output, while our competitors simply pull data from databases, using business rules to produce a report," said Vishnu Prem, Lead Product Designer. "And rather than using report templates from Microsoft Word that can feel generic and impersonal, Scribe write-ups are designed by expert visual designers who understand how business users perceive information. Businesses are now moving faster than ever, so mistakes can be devastating. Scribe saves time, prepping for success by accurately relaying information to all stakeholders."

Explore the new power of LogicPlum’s machine learning with Scribe in the company blog. Or follow them on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

About LogicPlum

Founded in 2017, LogicPlum embodies the principle that to compete in an evolving digital world, companies must use data to shape and drive innovations in their business models. Leveraging the evolving power of its custom-built platform, LogicPlum empowers companies to pivot faster and drive near-term impact from their tech investments. LogicPlum was recently recognized on the cover of Inory Business Magazine as one of the Top 10 AI Companies to Watch in 2021. Learn more at: www.LogicPlum.com.

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