M&A Science Hosts Virtual Summit

CHICAGO, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Break away from the cycle of applying the same methods while expecting different results. Hear what methods top practitioners are employing at M&A Science’s all day summit on February 23rd. The lineup includes speakers from Honeywell, ICE Mortgage Technology, Deloitte, Valuation Research (VRC), and more.

Topics covered include valuations, divestitures, integration, and how to shift away from a process-based approach. At the end of the summit, CEO and Founder of M&A Science, Kison Patel, will host a happy hour and introduce M&A Science’s new consulting services and partnership opportunities.

M&A Science’s expansion of services connects young teams with experienced M&A practitioners. With the current market showing no signs of slowing down, reactivity and speed are only becoming more crucial. Building a strong M&A function will only increase the odds for companies to retain value during their acquisitions. Also, the M&A Science consulting services shift teams away from traditional approaches to M&A in which culture is overshadowed by finances.

"Focusing on people, culture, and values ultimately allows for a better prediction of deal success. Bring in the integration leads early to assess what is unique about the target’s culture, what their leadership approaches look like, and understand how the companies are going to work together," said Patel.

The event is free for all M&A Science Academy members. See the full speaker lineup and agenda here. Register for the online conference and sign up for the academy here.

About M&A Science:
M&A Science, founded by Kison Patel, offers educational and technological solutions for modern M&A practitioners. Originally a podcast series, M&A Science has evolved into a diverse community of M&A professionals looking to evolve the industry. Today, along with the M&A Science podcast, its portfolio offerings include the M&A Science Academy, the Agile M&A framework, consulting services, and a job board.

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