Showcases at Canton Fair, Empowering Global Procurement Online and Offline

GUANGZHOU, China, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a bid to support buyers during the spring’s peak international procurement season, hosted its annual event “Amazing April”, robustly facilitating online procurement for buyers while also engaging in internationally renowned offline trade shows. During the event, showcased at booth NO. DT1910-13 at the 135th Canton Fair.

Utilizing its advanced “Smart Expo” technology, specifically created a dedicated section synchronized with the Canton Fair, seamlessly connecting with the Canton Fair’s formal main venue. This year’s event represents the ninth successful partnership between and the Canton Fair’s organizing committee in hosting online activities. helps global buyers find Chinese companies at the booth, also supports the Canton Fair’s online platform, jointly crafting an enduring trade event.

Artificial intelligence technology shines as a standout feature of’s presence at the Canton Fair. Collaborating with numerous esteemed Chinese enterprises such as SANY Group, spearheaded brand initiatives that utilize AI technology for promotional purposes. These leading enterprises meticulously selected their top-selling products to exhibit alongside at the Canton Fair, elevating products made in China to a symbol of cutting-edge innovation. has innovatively merged AI technology with Chinese traditional culture by designing a special interactive area for AI Hanfu transformation. The captivating allure of traditional Chinese attire drew in a plethora of buyers, who enthusiastically engaged in experiencing this novel AI technology alongside traditional Chinese garb.’s service at the booth not only fulfills buyers’ on-site purchasing needs but also demonstrates the fusion of AI technology and Chinese culture, fostering an appreciation for the “Made in China” label.

B2B Live Stream was also introduced to the Canton Fair venue by The platform specially selected 9 representative Chinese enterprises across China and held 5 live English streams at the Canton Fair. This allowed buyers from around the world to gain a comprehensive view of Chinese products, engage in online negotiations with suppliers, and complete purchases without leaving their homes.

The Amazing April event is a platform-level sales endeavor, catering to buyers’ preferences, offered by in April this year. Buyers can access the innovative “Video Product” channel and “Customization Center” channel via the website, app, and other portals. The entire process of international trade can be conducted online. If time permits, they can also visit’s booths at internationally renowned exhibitions, engaging directly with supplier representatives and their products.

The 135th Canton Fair serves as the first stop of the offline series of Amazing April. will also participate in global renowned exhibitions such as the Hannover Messe 2024 in Germany and INTERMAT 2024 in France, and host Selected Sourcing Connect event in these locations, leveraging a mix of online and offline engagement to broaden exposure and enhance business prospects for participants.

Yichun Wu