’s Golden Sourcing Season Draws Global Attention with Hotspot Venues

NANJING, China, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As unveils its Golden Sourcing Season, the Hotspot Venues quickly stand out, drawing global buyers. These distinct venues not only cater to international sourcing needs but also underscore the commitment to sustainable procurement and eco-friendly production.

Base on the data from, the Hotspot Venues – Festival Carnival, New Energy Products, and Outdoor Exploration – with the highest visitor turnout, underscoring global interest in festive goods, green energy solutions, and outdoor gear.

“The Hotspot Venues, a unique feature of the event, were designed to specific sourcing needs while promoting sustainable procurement and eco-friendly manufacturing,” stated Jiessie, the project manager of the Golden Sourcing Season.

Data from also reveals that in October of the preceding year, visits to gift box products pages surged by 33%, indicating a consistent rise in festive item demand. Additionally, with the upcoming events like Halloween, Christmas, and Black Friday, the Hotspot Venues are well-positioned to address last-minute procurement challenges, sourcing difficulties, and price hikes.

Meanwhile, the Outdoor Exploration section serves the booming global outdoor travel sector.  According to a report by this niche has witnessed a remarkable growth of 10.6 million consumers over the span of three years, making the exhibition an ideal hub for outdoor enthusiasts. The exhibition space offers a range of products specially designed for outdoor fans, promising to be a treasure trove for international buyers passionate about traveling.

The world’s pivot to clean energy is unmistakably evident. According to the Renewable Capacity Statistics 2023 report by the International Renewable Energy Agency, 2022 witnessed the most significant growth in renewable energy capacity to date, with renewables accounting for an impressive 83% of the newly added global power capacity. At the event, the New Energy Products section showcases a curated selection of products that champion sustainable development, catering to the ever-growing demand for eco-friendly solutions.

In addition to offering a diverse product lineup, also pledges comprehensive support for overseas buyers. From marketing materials to a robust logistics network, these initiatives are designed to assist buyers at every step of the procurement process and ensure a seamless procurement experience. warmly invites global buyers to delve deeper into the “Golden Sourcing Season” event, offering them sustainable sourcing opportunities. Participants will not only discover premier products but also champion sustainable development and ecological consciousness.

If you’re interested in exploring this unique sourcing event, please visit the official Golden Sourcing Season website. The event is in full swing, offering a plethora of opportunities for buyers to make well-informed purchasing decisions.


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