Mainers™ Glove & Mitt Receive Rave Reviews from Local Social Media Influencers with Expertise in Outdoor Adventure

TRENTON, Maine, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tempshield® Cryo-Protection, the leader in certified products for the safe handling of cryogenic materials, is proud to announce that its Mainers™ brand mitts and gloves have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from well-respected social media influencers, each known for expertise in outdoor adventure-related topics.

The reviews bolster a successful Kickstarter campaign, which is on track to more than triple its fundraising goal. The campaign ends on November 30 and offers the last chance for consumers to purchase a pair of Mainers gloves and/or mitts at over $30 below retail.

The Mainers brand leverages 40 years of experience and know-how creating commercial-grade cryogenic protection trusted by the U.S. Armed Forces, NASA, NATO, and the CDC.

The brand’s premier products – the Mainers glove and mitt – are no-compromise, 100% U.S.-made products constructed with more than 99% U.S.-sourced materials. Completely sewn by hand, Mainers are designed to exceed competitor offerings in not only warmth and waterproofness, but also features, dexterity, and durability.

Following are excerpts of interviews with each influencer:

Pine and Water – Purveyors of All Things New England

“The first things I noticed were the craftsmanship and the usability of the gloves. The details in things like the stitching quality, the rope loop for pulling them on, and the mechanism for cinching the gauntlet all speak volumes to me about the thought that went into the gloves. In addition, I’m someone who usually wears thinner gloves outside even in the very cold so I can use tools, etc., and this usually comes at the expense of comfort. I can tell already that the fit, flexibility, and stretch of the materials will allow me the dexterity to do a lot of things I would normally have to take my gloves off to do, without having to sacrifice warmth.”

Tyler Kimbar – Maine-Based Nature Photographer 

“I was immediately blown away by the quality of the mittens. There is a soft fleece lining on the back of your hand and thumb inside the mitt that keeps your hands warm. Most mittens I wear thin glove liners underneath, but I don’t think I will need to with these because of the fleece liner. The pull strings are very secure and easy to grab. The blue color appears a little darker than it is in the photos. It hasn’t been very cold yet, but so far they have kept me warm and dry while paddling in Casco Bay…Looking forward to much colder weather to really test these out!”

Dan Flanagan – Colorado-Based Backcountry Hiker and Outdoor Adventurer 

“There’s nothing worse than having to take your gloves off in the backcountry when it’s freezing outside just tighten a strap or open your pack. Mainers has definitely solved that problem, and given me more time outside this winter season. Waterproof, warm, and nimble, Mainers hit the mark for extreme weather gloves.”

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