Marketing 360® Announces New Zapier Integration – Streamlines Lead Management for Businesses

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Marketing 360 is excited to announce their new Zapier integration which will streamline lead management for businesses using the Marketing 360 software. The new integration will offer businesses a powerful solution to consolidating, nurturing, and tracking leads from different tools and apps, all within the Marketing 360 Leads Inbox.

Marketing 360 users can now connect the tools and apps they already use to their Marketing 360 Leads Inbox to automatically create and update new leads based on actions from other systems. Here are some examples of how a new lead can be automatically created:

  • A sheet is added to Google Sheets
  • A new Calendly invitee is created
  • A new lead form entry is submitted in Google Ads
  • You get a new lead through Facebook lead ads
  • And more

The new integration has the ability to save business owners tons of time. Now, there is no need to spend time manually transferring information or working out of two systems at once. The integration will allow users to keep all their leads in one place so they can track and nurture leads easily. Lead nurturing, done correctly, is imperative in turning leads into paying customers, and nurturing leads has never been easier with Marketing 360. Automate email journeys, customize personalized email campaigns, automate follow-ups, and deliver targeted content to help keep leads engaged.

The integration also allows for more centralized data. Users can gather lead information across the tools their business uses. By centralizing lead data in one place, users can get an overview of all leads by lead source and accurately track leads over time.

The new Zapier integration has the ability to enhance lead generation strategies for business owners while allowing them to save tons of time.

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Farra Lanzer

SOURCE Marketing 360