McDonough, GA Man Raised in a Single Parent Home, Now Successful Businessman, Recognized with His Own Day

MCDONOUGH, Ga., Feb. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On February 4th, Councilwoman Kim Varner got emotional as she declared Reco McDaniel McCambry to be a hometown hero. She described living down the block from McCambry in McDonough, Georgia. Few people expected McCambry, the son of a low-income single mother, to grow up to be a hometown hero. But that’s just what happened. Now, McCambry has a holiday named after him in his hometown of McDonough, Georgia – Mr. Reco McDaniel McCambry Day.

2020 was been a big year for McCambry, and for those who benefit from the knowledge he shares. June saw his induction into the Forbes Business Council, where he hopes to help others like himself to thrive in business. In the winter he released a book, “The Plan: After Police Reform that will Guarantee Social Justice & Progress for the Black Community,” in which he shared his in-depth experience as a Black man growing up in America and a plan to improve the conditions of Black communities around the country.

These accomplishments top a long list that got him where he is today, including an Industrial Engineering degree, a Master’s in Business Administration, membership in two of the world’s most prestigious business honors societies, and starting four multi-million dollar businesses.

Most importantly, McCambry uses his skills and resources to help others. In addition to providing financial education and services through his company Novae, he also offers free mentorship to others as well. Reco is now giving away copies of “The Plan” for free at for the duration of Black History Month.

His goal? To equip as many people as possible with knowledge of the specific actions they can take to empower Black communities and undo some of the damage done by centuries of openly racist legislation.

McCambry credits his late mother and grandparents with raising him with the discipline and family values that have made him a major force for good in his community. He remembers his first odd jobs: scraping gum off of desks in McDonough schools and sweeping the local McDonald’s parking lot. His family instilled in him the belief that all work had dignity even as they taught him to reach for the stars. In a photograph taken after the announcement of the holiday named in his honor, McCambry stands surrounded by his family and holding a framed picture of his late mother.

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