MEI Awards 2024: Starting a New Chapter for Chinese Products on the World Stage

NANJING, China, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In May, officially launched the annual MEI Awards. Under the theme “Play Together,” the event aims to foster innovation in Chinese product design and manufacturing by connecting partners across various sectors. Now in its 14th year, the awards strive to build international brands for Chinese products and enhance their global presence.

Good Gateway for Procurement in China
For procurement professionals, the MEI Awards are a gateway to discovering high-quality, innovative Chinese products. The event connects buyers with reliable suppliers, ensuring that products meet international standards. This streamlines the procurement process, making it more efficient and helping businesses find solutions tailored to global market needs. By featuring award-winning products, buyers can confidently select items that stand out in terms of design and functionality, thus enhancing their own product offerings.

For the global industrial design community, the MEI Awards represent a prestigious benchmark for excellence in design and manufacturing. The event showcases the latest design trends and the creative prowess of Chinese designers. Participation in the MEI Awards offers designers international exposure and opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration, which enriches the global design landscape. The awards highlight China’s commitment to innovation and quality, encouraging a global dialogue on design excellence.

Global Partnerships to Promote MEI Awards
In March, the “Play Together” initiative was launched in Hong Kong, marking the start of the event’s international strategy. Over the past two years, the MEI Awards have accelerated their global market engagement. Notable events include showcasing award-winning products at major exhibitions in Bangkok, Birmingham, and Dammam.

Empowering Consumer Market Products
Winning the MEI Awards significantly boosts product value in the consumer market, helping build brand loyalty. Many award-winning products proudly display their accolades on platforms like Amazon, TikTok, Tmall,, and various global stores. MIC International’s platform has played a crucial role in promoting these products, resulting in numerous trade orders.

Upgraded Benefits for 2024
This year’s awards, led by Professor Guanzhong Liu, promise upgraded benefits for participants, including priority access to global procurement resources and opportunities to showcase products in the MEI Awards flagship store. The 2024 awards will focus on green manufacturing, new energy industries, and industrial design innovations. Registration is open on the official MEI Awards website ( until September 20th.

This release invites global industrial design enthusiasts, buyers, and enterprises to witness the innovative prowess of Chinese manufacturing through the MEI Awards.

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Yichun Wu Wu