Memorial Reefs International announces 2nd Date Due to Overwhelming Demand

OCEAN CITY, N.J., Oct. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Memorial Reefs International and Destination Destiny are announcing their second dedication event in Ocean City, New Jersey on October 23, 2020. This event was added due to overwhelming demand for their September 25, 2020 event, which was their very first in the United States. “The inaugural dedication of our Memorial Reef in New Jersey was a resounding success,” according to MRI Operations Director, Steve Berkoff II. “We are so glad to be partnering with Ed Bixby and his team at Destination Destiny to bring this service to families in need.” Bixby also commented that, “The participants felt safe while enjoying a wonderful experience to commemorate their loved ones.”

The second event will follow the same Covid-19 related safety measures and social distancing that were observed at the previous event. This will be the final event in New Jersey for the 2020 season, with the next event being scheduled in the Spring of 2021. The deadline for those who wish to dedicate a Memorial Reef on October 23rd and avoid rush orders for personalized plaques is October 9, 2020.

The October 23rd dedication will offer multiple options to customize your personal living legacy. For example, you may choose to start helping to save our ocean ecosystems during your lifetime through the Now & Later plan. For those who may already have urns at home, Memorial Reefs International now offer a lower cost program for their placement in the reef through the Life-Giving Ashes plan. Families wishing to conduct a full memorial service can still use one of their traditional offerings. Memorial Reefs International and Destination Destiny are committed to providing the best in personal green death care practices. Memorial Reefs become your personal living legacy, serving as a new home for abundant marine life for hundreds of years to come.

Memorial Reefs International and Destination Destiny make it easier than ever to create your own personal reef and start supporting new life in the ocean. Their new partnership with Memorial Funding now allows them to offer low cost financing for memorial packages.  With monthly payments as low as $25 for their most basic package, you can start creating a Living Legacy today.  Memorial Funding has plans for all budgets and all credit scores.  Call now to get approval in time for the October 23rd event!  Call them at (855) 500-9482 and discover just how easy it is to start your Living Legacy today!

Contact Memorial Reefs International today to reserve a Memorial Reef for this event. Reservations completed by October 9, 2020 will avoid rush fees. Memorial Reefs International and Destination Destiny offer the perfect location for your destination funeral.

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