Milton Security Launches Risk-Free Threat Hunting Proof of Value

BREA, Calif., Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Milton Security, a leading provider of Threat Hunting as a Service, XDR & MDR (MxDR) SOC Services, announced today that it has launched a free, 15-day Proof of Value threat hunting trial. Based on internal data analysis, Milton Security found that the activity of malicious actors targeting its customers increased by over 127% in Q4, 2020. This increase is closely related to the new reality of a remote workforce. The challenge for security teams has never been greater.

Milton Security’s services portfolio is aimed at relieving organizations from the constant worry about advanced adversaries targeting their networks and data while operational challenges in our new reality keep coming up. Its new Proof of Value proposition allows security teams to evaluate a best of breed threat hunting service without disrupting their current processes and capabilities.

With most of the nation working from home, many organizations are seeing their sensitive customer and internal data flow across the same minimally protected WiFi networks as their children’s Zoom classes and late night gaming sessions. Milton Security’s Proof of Value trial features a quick, hassle-free implementation, allowing security professionals to easily satisfy audit requirements, Directors to provide comprehensive end-of-shift reports, and Executives to have peace of mind knowing they won’t be the next data breach featured in the news.

“As we have seen with recent breaches, supply chain attacks like SolarWinds Orion, pandemic-driven hacking attempts, widespread ransomware attacks, and nation-state activity, cyber security is as critical as ever,” said Milton Security President Ethan Coulter. “We are the frontline defense for those organizations most at risk, allowing them to focus on their business goals and actively reducing their risk exposure.”

While a control-centric approach to security is always encouraged, Milton Security focuses on monitoring network traffic and data in real-time, actively hunting for threats that may slip past security controls. You can start working with Milton Security’s certified SOC analysts today.

“We are in the middle of a cyber war, organizations are being infected, extorted and disrupted by everything from nation states to cyber criminals looking to make a quick buck,” said Milton Security CEO James McMurry. “To help battle the adversary and help tip the balance of the current cyber insurgency we face, we are giving a free two week Proof of Value. With our Threat Hunting as a Service, we’re able to provide the enterprise-wide event aggregation, analysis and compliance reporting that today’s organizations need, while eliminating the implementation hassle and maintenance costs that come with the existing solutions.”

Milton Security operates a 24*7*365 unique Extended Detection & Response/Managed Detection & Response (MxDR) service that provides Threat Hunting As A Service using customers’ existing security infrastructure. For 14 years, Milton’s team of Threat Hunters have stopped thousands of threats and assisted organizations in protecting themselves around the clock. Milton focuses on the best combination of AI, ML, and Human Correlation, to scout for threats, assist with incident response activities and protect hundreds of customers around the clock.

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