Moovila Introduces Perfect Project – HaloPSA Integration to Increase Portfolio Visibility, Improve Profitability and Enhance Customer Experience

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C., April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Moovila has introduced a native HaloPSA integration for Perfect Project, the most accurate project management platform powered by autonomous technology for managed service providers (MSPs). The integration of HaloPSA marks a significant milestone in providing enhanced project management capabilities to MSPs.

“This integration brings better management and visibility of complex professional services projects to HaloPSA users,” said Mike Psenka, CEO and founder of Moovila. “We’ve listened to the needs of MSPs and responded with a solution that not only addresses their desire for advanced project management features, but also integrates seamlessly with their existing systems.”

With the Perfect Project HaloPSA integration, Halo users can access a range of advanced project management features designed to streamline project workflows, forecast dates, and detect potential problems 24/7. By seamlessly integrating Moovila’s capabilities with HaloPSA, MSP project managers can enjoy clear portfolio visibility, improved profitability, and enhanced customer experience, all while keeping their critical data within their preferred PSA.

Key features of the Perfect Project HaloPSA integration include:

  • Accurate project portfolio insights
  • One-click timeline and project task updates
  • Project risk detection weeks or months in advance

The release of the Perfect Project HaloPSA integration comes at a time when project management is becoming increasingly crucial for MSPs. According to the 2024 MSP Trends Report from ScalePad, project management was the fifth most popular service last year and is predicted to continue growing in popularity in 2024.

“We are committed to the ongoing enhancement of project and resource management features tailored specifically for MSPs,” Psenka said. “We understand the importance of empowering the PSA ecosystem with accurate project forecasting, resource capacity analysis and project analytics to run their business. Working directly with PSA vendors like Halo allows us to ensure a seamless integration and deliver enhanced project management capabilities to a wider part of the MSP market.”

About Moovila
Moovila is the only end-to-end work management solution powered by autonomous technology for managed services providers (MSPs). Unlike traditional project management software, which requires constant human intervention for monitoring schedules, allocating resources, controlling the budget, and mitigating risks, Moovila’s Perfect Project platform continuously scans project plans for various factors, including structural defects, risks and delays, resourcing conflicts, and best practices, enabling MSPs to accurately build, run, and debug projects through their professional services automation (PSA) platforms. For more information about Moovila visit

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