More Pickleball Kingdoms Coming to Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pickleball Kingdom, renowned for its pivotal role in the burgeoning pickleball scene, is thrilled to unveil another major expansion plan in Nashville, Tennessee. This development, marked by a comprehensive multi-unit franchise agreement, aligns with the increasing appetite for pickleball amenities and echoes the brand’s dedication to spreading the sport nationwide.

Spearheading this notable venture are Nashville’s own Steven and Jaclyn Kilbas, passionate pickleball advocates. The Kilbas duo has been central to nurturing a dynamic pickleball community locally. Their fervor for the sport and active community involvement render them perfect to lead this growth initiative.

Steven Kilbas shared their enthusiasm, remarking, “Our commitment to pickleball transcends the playing field. It’s about cultivating a community and introducing this fantastic sport to a broader audience. We’re eager to launch additional Pickleball Kingdom outlets in Nashville and anticipate the beneficial impact they’ll bring.”

This growth initiative serves as a solid indicator of Pickleball Kingdom’s resolve to broaden pickleball’s reach. Rob Streett, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, emphasized the importance of this milestone. “Pickleball isn’t just a game; it’s a unifier. The zeal and commitment shown by franchisees like Steven and Jaclyn propel us. With Nashville as a focal point, we’re keen to witness the flourishing of Nashville’s pickleball scene.”

Ace Rodrigues, the CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, conveyed his future aspirations, stating, “At Pickleball Kingdom, our ambition is to embed Pickleball Kingdom into everyday conversation, and penetrating energetic cities like Nashville is crucial to achieving this. We have full confidence in the Kilbases’ ability to integrate pickleball seamlessly into Nashville’s sports landscape.”

The upcoming facilities promise cutting-edge features, including premium indoor courts, a pro shop, and areas for community gatherings. Aimed at accommodating players at all levels, from novices to experts, these venues are designed to be inviting for all.

The introduction of Pickleball Kingdom into more Nashville areas marks a significant stride in setting new benchmarks for pickleball facilities and community involvement. It mirrors the sport’s escalating popularity and Pickleball Kingdom’s commitment to its expansion and accessibility. The Kilbases will be building out their expansion plans through Pickleball Kingdom’s Area Representatives, Jesse and Emily DeMund.

For Franchise Inquires, Contact:
Rob Streett


About Steven and Jaclyn Kilbas:
Dr. Steven Kilbas is an established Chiropractic Physician where he owned and operated his successful office for the past 15 years. After the recent sale of Ocotillo Chiropractic in Chandler Arizona, Steven and his family decided to take on a new adventure and move to Tennessee.

Jaclyn is a registered nurse at Tristar Centennial in Nashville, TN. Steven and Jaclyn enjoy spending their free time with their two children, exploring new and adventurous outings in their new home state.

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