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SEATTLE, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — mytaptrack®, in coordination with the Wharton School of Business Impact Fund, is raising funds on the Netcapital crowdfunding platform. This funding will continue the company’s growth in the Special Education market. "We are excited to be working with two marquee names in the business world to get the funding we need to accelerate sales as the country pulls out of the disruptions to education from Covid-19," says CEO Nikody Keating.

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Since 2018, mytaptrack® has been working to improve how students are supported in special education while making that support more cost effective for schools. In October 2020, mytaptrack® hired Aaron Quigley as Vice President of Sales to implement the sales growth initiative. Since that time, the sales pipeline has grown from $1 million to almost $2 million with in-school trials more than doubling. "I am excited that more than 33% of sales leads are being generated outside of our marketing channels," Quigley says. "This indicates our product awareness is being assisted by word-of-mouth communication and our target market’s focus on trying to find a product like mytaptrack®." This pipeline is the tip of a worldwide market estimated to be up to $3.4 billion. 

mytaptrack® is a service marketed directly to schools designed to disrupt the status quo and help schools and parents with their special education challenges. The solution provides the most convenient method to track behaviors in school and share that information in real time with the child’s full support team. This allows timely and efficient responses to each child’s needs to help him or her achieve the best possible outcome.

mytaptrack® simplifies this process down to a click of a button, getting automatic real-time reports and notifications to the support team members that can respond the best. This allows immediate support to be provided to the classroom and efficiently in aiding the student in a timely manner. 

About mytaptrack® 

mytaptrack® is a behavior tracking IoT device and online platform solution for children with special needs. It shares data in real time with educators, parents and providers and uses Artificial Intelligence monitoring to send notifications when behaviors change. mytaptrack® is committed to providing private, secure, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) compliant solutions for children nationwide. Learn more at and @mytaptrack on all social media platforms.   


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