New Artificial Intelligence Solutions from Indyme – Signatrix Partnership Solve Tough Problems for Retailers

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a critical tool in the digitalization of brick and mortar retail stores. The rise of machine learning has unlocked a wide array of new applications to enhance the customer experience, optimize costs, and drive automation, especially with respect to in-store visual monitoring & surveillance.  AI has both increased the pace of innovation in retail, and dramatically reduced the cost to implement these new and emerging solutions.

Leveraging AI to provide retailers with powerful cost-effective solutions is the goal of a new partnership between Indyme, a leading provider of customer engagement and active loss prevention technologies, and Signatrix, an AI video analytics and machine learning software developer.

Integrating Signatrix AI software with Indyme Smart Response® instant awareness systems provides retailers with new tools that increase sales by intelligently boosting customer engagement and that deter theft through real time identification and awareness of suspicious behavior.

For example, the partnership’s first product introduction empowers retailers to detect and circumvent push-out theft, a rapidly increasing theft method performed by simply pushing a loaded shopping cart out the door without passing through checkout.  This new Push Out Protection (POP) solution combines video analytics, AI, real time active deterrence, and reporting to provide an exceptionally cost-effective solution that deters theft while, unlike older POP technologies, maintaining a positive customer experience. 

“We and our retail customers are genuinely excited about this new partnership and the many innovative solutions that can be imagined and realized,” said Joe Budano, CEO of Indyme Solutions.  “Through this powerful combination of Signatrix AI behavior detection and Indyme’s instant awareness systems, we now have unprecedented capabilities to unlock the potential of AI to help retailers digitize their physical stores.

“This partnership with Indyme and its technologies not only opens vast new markets but also new applications for Signatrix behavioral analytics AI technology,” said Philipp Müller, CEO of Signatrix.  “We are clearly opening the door for a whole new generation of cost-effective solutions for a rapidly changing retail environment.”

Though the partnership’s first product introduction focuses on deterring push-out theft, the companies anticipate future products will benefit other areas of loss prevention as well as customer engagement.

About Indyme Solutions:
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Indyme is a global leader in customer engagement, active loss prevention, process automation, and compliance.  Installed in over 30,000 stores, Indyme technology is helping the world’s largest retailers improve in-store performance.  Visit or contact Philip Joosten, VP of Sales, at
or +1-858-268-0717 for additional information.

About Signatrix:
Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Signatrix is a leading developer of artificial intelligence, machine learning and video analytics solutions to the retail industry.  Signatrix advanced behavior detection software enables retailers to unlock the power of AI to digitize their stores.  Visit or contact Markus Bingger Head of Sales at
or +49 (0) 30 4036708513 for additional information.

SOURCE Indyme Solutions LLC